Color Microvideo Camera

Here is another Supercircuits price/performance breakthrough! Imagine, a tiny 1.3€ square color CCD video security camera for under $80! Using the very latest of a new generation of high performance digital signal processing CCD imagers, the PC-103XS delivers razor sharp 350 lines resolution. Weighs only 3/4 ounce! Precision 3.6MM lens provides a 80 degree field of view. The advanced Sharp chipset incorporates digital signal processing with automatic electronic shutter and sophisticated auto backlight control-- the result is great video in almost any lighting condition. Low light rating is 1 lux. Plug and play cables make installation easy. Consumes 120 milliamps at 12 volts DC. Power supplies, battery packs and enclosures are also available.

Comes with easy connection instructions, pre-installed plug and play video and power cables, 1 year warranty and a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

  • 1/3" Sharp color CCD chipset
  • 350 Lines of resolution
  • 1.0 low lux rating
  • 80 degree field of view
  • 10-14 volts DC power

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