Color Pan/Tilt Camera with Outdoor Enclosure

These new indoor power panning security camera systems deliver a lot of bang for the buck. They feature adjustable panning from 22.5 to 350 degrees, which can be set to continuously operate, or be manually controlled via the control box or included wireless IR remote. Black and white system features 380 line resolution and 0.8 lux low light performance CCD camera. Color system features 380 line resolution and 0.4 lux latest generation CMOS color camera. Both cameras give you the full compliment of automatic features to ensure quality video under most any lighting conditions. Innovative two way intercom system gives you 2 way audio with paging and monitoring. This system simply connects to your TV via the video and audio inputs. Use your TVs picture-in-picture function or simply select the video input from your TVs remote and youve got instant remote controlled panning video with 2-way audio. Activate your VCR to record the security camera images. This camera gives you tremendous features for home and small business applications at a price hundreds below the competition. Comes with built-in speaker, built-in microphone, rotating unit, connecting cables, remote control, camera control box, 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee and a 90 day warranty. Security Cameras, Surveillance Cameras

  • Color 0.4 lux low light CMOS
  • 380 lines of resolution
  • Two way audio
  • Remote pan w/ manual tilt
  • 90 day warranty

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