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Color Standard Resolution BNC Camera (1/3" CCD)



The SC5510CN camera is a high performance 1/3?CCD color camera designed for video surveillance systems with BNC connectors. The camera has a resolution of 330 TV lines and a sensitivity of 1.0 Lux, along with advanced features such as back light compensation (BLC) and automatic gain control (AGC) control. This camera will work with a wide variety of lenses of C/CS lens and video and DC auto-iris lens. The SC5510CN camera includes 60 feet of coax cable with BNC connectors. (Lenses and power supplies are not included)


  • 1/3?interline transfer CCD (Sony DSP)
  • 330 TV lines and 1.0 Lux (F1.4) sensitivity
  • BNC connector video output
  • AGC On/Off Switch
  • BLC On/Off Switch
  • Auto Iris Lens DC/Video Switch
  • Dimensions 2.4W x 2.1H x 5.0D in

  • Rechargable Battery Pack
  • 4Gb Compact Flash Card
  • CR-123 Li-Ion Chrgr
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