Color Weatherproof CMOS Camera

The new PC131WR security camera combines tough weatherproof housings with latest generation CMOS chipset. This low cost camera delivers a price/performance ratio that is off the chart. This camera offers an excellent 380 lines of resolution. It has an advanced 1/4 CMOS chipset with anti-blooming and anti-smear technology. The color PC131WR has a 3 low light rating. Runs off of 12 volts and draws 50 milliamps. Comes with a 3.6MM lens installed for a 92 degree field of view. The camera measures 1 in diameter X 1 3/4 long. Comes with easy connection instructions, mounting bracket, video/power cable, 1 year warranty and 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

  • 1/4 CMOS chipset
  • 380 lines of resolution
  • 3 low light rating (color)
  • 12 volts DC
  • 3.6MM lens
  • Super tough copolymer housing

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