Color Weatherproof IR Camera 104 LED

The PC177IR-3 has the highest amount of IR lighting of all the PC177 series. This color CCTV outdoor video security camera w/ 90ft. infrared range combines a weatherproof high resolution low light video security camera with an IR LED array for incredible see-in-the-dark performance. High performance chipset gives you 400 lines of resolution and with the IR array, true 0.0 lux performance. The infrared is just a tick below human vision yet the camera sees it perfectly. Very stealthy! Precision microlens gives you an 55 degree field of view. Operates on 12 Volts.Comes with easy connection instructions, 1 year warranty, and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

  • 1/3" color Sony CCD
  • 400 lines of resolution
  • 0 lux with IR
  • 55 degree field of view
  • 12 volts DC, 500 mA
  • 1 year warranty/30 day MBG

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