Color Wireless Weatherproof Electrical Box Video Camera

Here is a breakthrough product... a complete wireless covert video system, simple to install, and completely weatherproof. These units can blend into almost any environment-- excellent for industrial plants and job site security. The tiny hidden pinhole lens video camera only requires a 1/16th inch hole, making it very easy to hide. These weatherproof systems have the black and white PC100XP (CVL50) and the color PC87XP (CVL51). The CVL50 has an amazing 410 lines of resolution and the CVL51 has 350 lines. The CVL50 uses the high performance Samsung 1/3" monochrome CCD chipset. The CVL51 uses the 1/4" Super HAD Color CCD. Both come with a 3.7MM lens for a 70 degree field of view. The wireless microwave video transmitter/receiver system uses the 2.4 gigahertz band for crystal clear performance and up to a 700 foot range. The receiver simply plugs into a standard VCR or monitor and that's all there is to it. Then just power everything up and you've got the peace of mind and security of knowing exactly what goes on while you're gone. Available in color with our PC181XP color camera. Both the camera and transmitter are powered on 12 volts DC. The hidden camera can be custom mounted in the front or the side of the box- your choice. Comes with camera, transmitter, easy instructions and 1 year manufacturers warranty.

  • Completely weatherproof enclosure
  • Uses the PC87XP with 350 lines of resolution
  • Camera has 5 lux and needs only 1/16th" hole for viewing
  • Operates on 2.4 GHz band

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