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Vidbidness, Inc. has just released one of the most controversial tapes ever produced. "Lovers Caught on Tape!" is a collection of videotapes featuring people caught by security cameras in their most intimate moments... in the workplace.

This sizzling video proves, once and for all, that nobody is safe from the eye of the camera any more. "Lovers Caught on Tape!" includes footage of employees "busted at their workplace," making love in an office elevator, underground parking garage, stadium luxury box, a restaurant supply room, and more.

Producer Danny Wolf says, "although I've been producing 'caught on camera' shows for network television for years, I had never seen anything like this before. This material was simply too raw, too explicit, even for the FOX-TV network. Ever since we began marketing this tape, we've been receiving e-mails almost on a daily basis from people who are terrified that "Lovers Caught on Tape!" may actually have THEM in it. "

Mr. Wolf, an experienced producer of network television "reality" programming, is available for interviews to discuss the privacy issues involved with this tape, and has fascinating stories to share about the production.

Major media has taken notice: "TV Guide Online" called Lovers Caught on Tape "Eye-popping," and Entertainment Tonight said, "America Loves this stuff!"

'Lovers Caught on Tape' is available at on the internet, or can be ordered, toll-free, by calling 1-800-418-6069.


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