Coolpix 8800 Digital Camera (8.0MP, 3264x2448 , 10x Opt, CompactFlash Card) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Nikon
Model: 25523
Max Focal Length: 89 mm
Max Horizontal Image Resolution: 3264 pixels
Max Aperture: 5.2 1/f
Average User RatingAverage User Rating: Number of User Reviews: 16

Reviewed by: panamaeric from FL on May 9, 2005

Experience: 45 Days

Strengths: Antivibration is wonderful, works excellent! Optical zoom is superb! Display is awsome, this rotates & It can be turned in to the camera to protect & conserve battery life. REMOTE SHUTTER-GREAT!!

Weaknesses: Built in flash is weak. Digital zoom diplay is weak while taking the picture, but comes out fine after the shot is taken. Need to use nikon batteries only, but can be purchase for around $40.

Summary: I have had many digital cameras over the last 8 years. The 8 meg is supurb. The high optical zoom is great! The antivibration is OUTSTANDING, It alows good photos is low light and at high zoom levels. I was able to take night photos in the city without a tripod (I did rest camera against something). The remote for the shutter release is really really small and convenient. For taking photos at night or with oneself in the picture it is easy and quick. You can take several photos without leaving the picture. No more need for the self timer. Easy to use controls. I was a little let down with the flash. It seems weak, but I figured that I would pick up a larger flash anyway for better indoor flash photos. However, with vibration reduction alot of photos can be taking indoors without a flash. I WOULD DEFINATELY RECCOMMEND THIS CAMERA IF IT IS IN THE PRICE RANGE THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! Just got back from new Zealand, Austrailia & Korea and I am very pleased with the results!

Reviewed by: kjary from FL on Jan 28, 2005

Experience: 4 Weeks

Strengths: Great Nikor lens, 10X Zoom, 8 MP makes for great images

Weaknesses: Focus slow in poor light even with focus assist lamp

Summary: This camera has performed quite well since I bought it. All photos taken in good light or outside were absolutely wonderful. The movie mode works quite well. The only real problems I've seen so far is the autofocus system sometimes hunts excessively in poor light. Also, the movie mode is restricted to 60 seconds. I'm not sure why Nikon limited the movie time (shouldn't it be limited by card size?). All in all it's a great camera.

Reviewed by: nsup from NJ on Nov 12, 2004

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Quality picture, VR works effectively, excellent flash, very long zoom, excellent built, excellent macro shot, bigger/bright LCD display

Weaknesses: Slow focusing at low contrast/light even with focus assist lamp, noisy at slow shutter even at lowest ISO, slow shutter lag, barrel distortion, cromatic abberation/purple fringing

Summary: I owned CP5700 and compared to it, CP8800 has the same problem focusing in LOW light/contrast even with focus assist light. Like 5700, 8800 still has that shutter lag, very slow focusing and no focusing ring so not advisable for sports action. DSLR is advisable in this case. Visible CA/PF at daylight shot. Barrel distortion at wide angle.

Reviewed by: arkandream from AR on Nov 14, 2004

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: picture quality Zoom (10x) profasional shape CF

Weaknesses: a bit slow not so great at low light

Summary: (Edited November 14th by arkandream) Picture quality- generally great, one bad out of 20-50. (9.5)
shape - very good (9.5)
zoom - 10X, excellent, but a bit slow (9.5)
Getting ready - a bit slow but it's ok , slower than any current SONY.(8)
Macro - close shots , excellent (10)
Button - a bit uncomfortable, compared with SONY, too many buttons(7)
Movie - not as good as sony but it is still ok. (you can

I most care about the picture quality and it takes really good pictures.
It's a bit slow but it is acceptable, compared with SONYs.
The close shots are excellent since it has the VR.
I don't know it is because of the VR and I didn't test it but still it takes great pictures.
I only used it for 10days and I have taken several hundred shots.
I used to have many other digital cameras but I like this one the best.

Reviewed by: halmomani from FL on Nov 8, 2004

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: High quality picture. Great zoom. Good manual and documentation.

Weaknesses: nothing so far

Summary: I had Olympus digital camera before this and recently the coolpix 8700 was on sale but I decide to go as high as possible. It was worth it very good camera the coolpix 8800 takes beautiful photos and it does have a lot of options for manual use. On high ISO there is some noise but if you use flash you never need the high ISO. The zoom in this camera is amazing at 10X optical and you can enhance by using digital zoom. If you want to buy a digital camera coolpix 8800 is the one but remember you need large size CF card at least 1 GB

Reviewed by: athompson6 from NC on Jan 30, 2005

Experience: 20 Days

Strengths: Vibration reduction, 35-500 zoom, movable lcd display, excellent flash, flash boot, shaped like a chemical 35 mm, low weight.

Weaknesses: Slow in low light

Summary: Up until now, I've only owned chemical Nikon 35mm cameras, and have only used slide film. After going on a trip where everyone owned a digital camera, I decided to give digital a try. I chose this model because it was shaped most like a 35mm, had the highest available megapixel and zoom, was about 15 lbs. less than my current camera, and had a flash boot (although now I don't think I'll need it). It's been a big adjustment, but I really like being able to see my pictures immediately (instead of waiting weeks to get them back) and the ability to put them on CD as a slide show. It takes excellent pictures in regular daylight, however is slow in low light. But, since most of my shooting is in regular daylight, this should rarely pose a problem. The image stabilization is terrific, since I have a tendency to shake and the zoom exceeded my expectations. The movable lcd display makes it easy for me to see what I'm doing, without having to position the camera a certain way. I am very happy with this camera and am glad I finally joined the 21st century.

Reviewed by: drd9494 from AZ on Jan 1, 2005

Experience: 4 Weeks

Strengths: Image stabilization, 35-350 equivalent zoom, fast after prefocus, great detail in handheld nature photos.

Weaknesses: Low Light focus even with illuminator is poor.

Summary: My favorite camera was the Olympus C 2100. Since that time I have longed for a 5-8 Megapixel version of that camera. This is as close as I have come to that goal.

Most of my photos are handheld of animals, birds, butterflies and flowers in natural settings. I own a CP 5700 and the photos from the CP 8800 were 2-3X as detailed without any practice. Another improvement is that the shutter lag after prefocus is almost non existant. If you like taking daylight or fill flash photos with a handheld camera of nature you will probably like this camera.

The C2100 focus was very good in low light settings and the CP 5700 and 8800 are definitely not good in low light.

Reviewed by: pat903 from OH on Nov 18, 2004

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: Very true colors, well built.

Weaknesses: SLOW!/poor low light/high noise levels.../forget action shooting.

Summary: I own...The Nikon-4500/5700...I'll be returning the 8800...Shutter lag is much to high...fringe at not acceptable...I put it away...Will return it...Wait for a D-70 price drop/or Evolt...My Nikon 4500..Is still my first choice...I've found few that match it...I work in large electronics store...So..I can use most cameras...Its just not...what it claims...I call em...Landscape cameras...Like the will shoot landscapes..very well...If this is your main use...Then it..

Reviewed by: bobsprit from NY on Jan 3, 2005

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: Great lens, good movie mode, well built

Weaknesses: Focus, performance overall

Summary: Can the 8800 take a great pic? You bet! In good light images are excellent, among the best of any non-DSLR, but....
If you've ever shot with a SLR or any good quality camera, STOP before buying the Nikon Coolpix 8800. It's a very flawed camera, even by digital standards.
Poor focus in dim light, useless manual focus, poor AF assist light range, slow focus hunting, shutter lag and long write times, limited F-Stop range, no fully compatable flash. Search various forums to confirm these problems. Ignore people who say you can work around the problems or "anticipate" action!" The 8800 will miss many moments and shots. With shutter lag, focus hunting and long CF write times, this is an awful camera at such a high price. It's certainly a bad choice for shooting wildlife, kids, indoors and so on. It's just too many problems for a camera that is supposed to be near the top of the food chain. The focus issues are inexcusable at this point, when cameras costing much less do better. Considering it's excellent lens, it's a real shame. I have since bought a Nikon D70, which does just about everything right for a few hundred dollars more. It's a no brainer. Avoid buyer's remorse, unless you have low expectations.
Good Luck!

Reviewed by: PPANASA from TN on Dec 22, 2004

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: VR, Optical Zoom, Good Macro performance

Weaknesses: Lot of Yellow Cast on Pictures

Summary: Lot of un-natural colors, Yellow cast on Pictures even after setting the camera to use custom white balance mode. Motor Noise, There is no silent Autofocus like Sony or Panasonic Lumix or the Canon. Sometimes the Motor Noise inside camera irritates the user.

I have returned my camera as I am not satisfied with it.

Reviewed by: paulruddell from IL on Jan 18, 2005

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Great ergonomics. The quality expected in a Nikon product. Buttons are well placed and of the proper number. As of now I can't think of an improvement.

Weaknesses: It does not take advantage of the AF-assist illuminator on the SB-800 speedlight.

Summary: The Coolpix 8800 is everything I expected -- and more -- of a Nikon product. Vibration reduction works even better than expected; auto focus is quick and smooth; great bounce flash with the SB-800 speedlight; scene mode is very helpful especially for less experienced users. The only negative I have discovered so far is that the 8800 doesn't take advantage of the AF-assist illuminator on the SB-800 speedlight. I have no qualms about recommending the Coolpix 8800 to others regardless of the user's experience with cameras.

Reviewed by: kpduy from WA on Dec 12, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Can do multi-function such as shooting and video recording, and alot more to view, change, delete, modify and so on...

Weaknesses: Maybe not the fastest camera such as film cameras. The color of the video is not that beatiful but it's ok, plus this is shooting camera not a video recorder.

Summary: In all this camera is the best I've had. I just read all the functioning instruction and practice it and it all works perfectly good. I like Nikon camera for a long time but this is the first time I've ever bought one.

Reviewed by: anziri from NY on Mar 30, 2005

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: 10x zoom, lens quality, 8mp, ergonomic design at least for a right-handed user, solid feel, vibration reduction

Weaknesses: low-light focusing, a little heavy for a digital

Summary: I've only been using the Nikon Coolpix for a couple of weeks, but I've been blown away by the quality of the photos I've gotten. I've only printed 8 x 10's and smaller, but the quality holds up even with substantial cropping. The camera is awesome for outdoor photography whether vistas or close-ups. It has a wonderful portrait mode also. I've also been pleasantly surprised with normal indoor shots using the built-in flash. The quality is great and the focus time acceptable. The low-light focusing is definitely a struggle for this camera, but it has so many strengths, I'm willing to live with it. This camera has the feel of a 35mm SLR film camera. Someone moving up from a pocket digital may find it a bit heavy. I found the 10x zoom, lens quality, 8mp, vr and Nikon quality make the Coolpix 8800 the best value in its price range.

Reviewed by: zaltech from CA on Mar 30, 2005

Experience: 14 Days

Strengths: compact, ease of use, VR, 10x optical zoom, Compact flash type I & II cards, good documentation, several resolution options

Weaknesses: low light issues (typical on digital cameras though)

Summary: I bought this camera to replace using my Sony 1.1 MP, which as you can tell going from 1.1 to 8 is a huge difference. Overall I'd say this for the camera:

1. The documentation is quite a bit to absorb and you won't really remember it all till you have had enough time to actually try out each feature that you will want to use.
2. The camera does take really good pictures, and will lock it's autofocus once you have it half pressed, thereby being able to move the camera's picture center off of the focused object, I think that's a nice little feature. I've used this several times when wanting to focus say on a child and then move over a bit to get some more of the background on one side, course the other feather that would supplement this is the overlap image capability so you can get wide shots.
3. Camera VR is a great help, but not all encompassing. Tried this while riding a tram, and focusing on an object about 100 yards away using only optical zoom, while holding myself steady, the picture was still fuzzy.
4. Some indoor shots do not come out as well as you'd like. I noticed that some of the shots I took indoors came out great, while others were grainy. I believe this is a common issue with digital cameras.
5. Camera shutter speed is not too bad but of course not up to par of high end SLR's. But that's what you pay for, tried to see if I could get some motion shots of a butterfly. Lets just say it didn't come out well at all, but the background come out spectacular.

Overall I'd say this is a great camera for the novice or someone who just wants a simple P&S with high resolution capability and great optical zoom.

Reviewed by: hcheng3 from IL on Mar 22, 2005

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: 10X Zoom is excellent. Picture quality is very good.

Weaknesses: A bit heavy. LCD is not so large. Compact Flash compartment door can be opened unintentionally.

Summary: The most attractive features of this product is the 10X optical zoom lens and the vibration reduction feature. The picutre quality is excellent. The drawback is the LCD monitor is so large, compared with other products. It is a bit heavy.

Reviewed by: zhenxing6688 from OK on Mar 10, 2005

Experience: 1 Weeks

Strengths: new design ! and very easy to handle it !and there are a lot of potential functions to find in it ! 8.0mp and 10 opt , it is the one of the best in the world !

Weaknesses: a little bit huge for me !

Summary: i take a long long time to find such a good camera like nikon 8800 !finally i take it home ,and the picture taken by the nikon8800 is so excellent and almost perfect !if it could be improved to be a little bit smaller and a lillte bit cheaper !it will be perfect !totally , i like this camera ,it is my choice !

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