Covert Button Camera
Here is one of the best concealments weve ever offered. Its easy to put on, easy to operate and easy to point the hidden security camera where you want. It fits into casual and formal environments with ease. The hidden button cam is especially convenient because the video and power cables can be easily concealed under clothing. It produces a sharp color picture, with 350 lines of resolution. The 5 lux low light rating means the button camera works great under normal to fairly low room light, and it is excellent in outdoor lighting. Field of view is 50 degrees. Size is 1.07 high X 1.12 wide X only .63 deep. The actual button is .49 in diameter. Comes complete with a deluxe battery pack and a set of 10 matching buttons. Operates on 5 volts DC, 160 milliamps. Legal Warning
Comes with a battery pack, ten matching buttons, easy instructions and a one year warranty.
*1/4" color CCD
350 lines of resolution
45 degree field of view
4.8 - 5.5 volts DC, 160mA
1.02" x .86" x .7"
11 grams

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