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Covert Pinhole Inline Microvideo Camera

When shown our PC-51 inline B/W CMOS CCTV video security camera, most people
say, "Thats a nice lens, but wheres the camera?!?" Until recently a camera with
this form factor would have cost you $300 or more, but thanks to a new
generation of CMOS image sensors, we are able to offer it for under $50.
Resolution is a sharp, detailed 280 lines (just slightly below standard VHS VCR
resolution) and low light rating is 1.0 lux. This camera will not give you the
same light handling as our CCD-based cameras, and the resolution is slightly
lower, but the picture quality is still amazing. For many applications demanding
extremely tiny size and low power consumption at low cost, the PC-51 is truly a
breakthrough. Size is an astounding .6 square by 1.4 long. Weight is only 1/3 of
an ounce! Flexible power requirements of 6-18 volts DC at a tiny trickle of only
30 milliamps.Comes with pre-installed plug and play video/power cables,
connection instructions, 6 month warranty and a 30 day money-back satisfaction
guarantee. Security Cameras, Surveillance Cameras

  • 1/4" B/W CMOS Imager
  • 280 lines of resolution
  • 1.0 low lux rating
  • 50 degree field of view
  • 6-18 volts DC, 30 mA
  • 6 month warranty/30 day MBG

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