Covert Surveillance - Pinnacle Style Wall Clock w/700ft. 2.4GHz Transmitter & Receiver
Trust the simplicity of the "Pinnacle" wall clock camera to get the job done every time. A tiny pinhole camera behind the face of this clock captures an astounding 90 degree field of view while the integrated power/video cable is small enough to be concealed.

The first thing you should know about ANY wall clock camera is that it requires some type of power source. This model comes with detachable 6 foot power cord and a wireless receiver. Simply plug the clock camera in, attach the receiver to your VCR, push record and walk away.

"Wireless" does not mean "cordless".

You must attach a power cable to the clock. Most people choose to drill a tiny hole in a wall just behind the clock and "fish" the cable through the opposite side to a closet where you can plug it into an electrical outlet. You may also hide the wire underneath the edge of your carpet and run it to the nearest outlet if drilling a hole in your wall won't work.

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