Cross Country Drive for Charity

honeytree rally is a complete week of driving 3000 miles on scenic roads, exotic accommodations, wonderful meals and exciting parties while enjoying the great Canadian hospitality and beauty. 100% of profits go to charity and we are going to raise over $70,000 for a few trusted charities. On the honeytree rally entrants will be joined together by a group of people who wish to experience thrills, adventures, socializing and memories to last a lifetime. The 2005 rally will start August 21st at an exclusive hotel in Whistler BC and end August 28th in Montreal just in time for the Montreal Molson Indy.

January 20, 2005 -- "We have searched hard and far to find exotic hotel accommodations to make this a memorable experience. Plan on enjoying 5 star hotels, cabins and lodges with breakfast daily and hearty dinners served with the group nightly." honeytree rally works with service providers who also donate and give us the lowest rates possible to maximize our charitable causes. Each individual will have the chance to select their charity of choice out of a group of 3 different causes. 100% of the profits from this event will end up donated.

Canada is the second largest country in the world with a mere 30 million people. The climate is considered cold throughout the region but during the summer expect temperatures in the mid 20s. Cities are spread out throughout the country with roads carrying minimal traffic and a great disparity of scenery. This event will start on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and continue thought the Rocky Mountains with plenty of stunning vistas along the way. Once into Alberta, the roads will become straight through rolling prairies as you enter the land of lakes. The route will then carry you through Ontario into Montreal QC one of the best cities for Nightlife in North America just in time for the Montreal Molson Indy Race followed by a final party.

honeytree rally is meant for people who intend to enjoy themselves while in the drivers seat while helping the world out. For more information you can contact Robert W. (PR) at e-mail protected from spam bots or visit our website at for entry information.

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