CyberEye Digital Image Camera
When the camera detects or becomes aware of an intrusion it begins to load the image of intruder into the IC, a device inside the camera which stores all the images. This product is so advanced that, due to the use of an infra red Light it does not need the use of special lighting at night. Due to its compact size the intruder will be unable to detect the camera. The customer will have no difficulty in installing the device which is customer friendly/straight forward to use. This product can also be connected to the TV or any monitor which can be used as a CCTV camera for everyday use. Also, as soon as an armed robber is detected, one can begin loading the picture by pressing the emergency button using the remote controller. The stored images can be seen through the television when properly connected to the video line (680 pictures)

Item Code: IC100A

Price: $275.00

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