CyberEye Home Security Systems no monthly fees

Home Security Systems Without Monitoring Fees

Those who sell home security systems don't want you to know about this security device. Security system companies don't make money on equipment. They make money by charging you exorbitant fees to monitor the alarm system each and every month. If you're looking for a simple, very affordable home security system then you have come to the right place.

Enter the CyberEye-Eco, a self contained security system that is used in homes and offices around the world with amazing success. This system will detect an intruder and even a fire and call you or up to 6 designated phone numbers until it reaches someone. Simply connect it to your exhisting phone line and turn the power switch on. It will then give you plenty of time to leave and lock your door before it begins to protect your property.

This home security system is designed to be used when you are away and need instant notification of an intrusion or fire. It's perfect for remote vacation property, temporary offices, or anywhere the threat of burglary or invasion is present.

We've been selling this system since 1998 and use it religiously. You never think a burglary can happen to you but it did happen to us. Our first office was located in a 4 story office building and several of our neighbors had been burglarized. We felt safe knowing that our CyberEye Eco was there protecting us as well as our cameras.

One night about 11:00pm the CyberEye called my cell phone and announced "Intruder! Press the Pound Sign!". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The device had never called me before as false alarms are virtually non-existant. I pressed the # sign on my phone and listened intently. I heard someone rustling through papers, cabinets, and drawers. While I had a friend call the police on the other line I used the talkback feature to try and scare them away.

It worked! I spoke into the phone after activating the talkback feature and told them that the police were on the way. Looking back this probably wasn't the best thing since the police were delayed and didn't catch the culprits. Our cameras didn't get good video since these were the days when cameras didn't pick up well in low light but the burglars never came back and nothing was stolen.

CyberEye Home Security System's Features:

  • 24 Hour Monitoring without fees
  • Built-In Motion Sensor
  • Built-In Fire / Heat Detector
  • Will Notify you with a voice: Fire! or Intrusion!
  • Can be programmed to call 6 different telephone numbers
  • You can listen in to verify that a true alarm condition exists
  • Is completely SILENT. The intruder will not know you have been called.
  • TalkBack feature so your voice can be heard over the internal speaker
  • Notify Cancel Feature to stop the CyberEye from calling all numbers once you've been reached
  • Record Your Own Voice for personalized notification
  • Uses 3 AA Batteries - Lasts 6 months to 2 years
  • Will call ANY phone number - pages, cell phones, home phones, office phones
  • Use more than one unit in separate locations or rooms
  • Intrusion Detection up to 26ft from unit at 90 degrees
  • Size (mm) 112(L) X 76(W) X 58(H) or inches: 4.4(L) X 2.9(W) X 2.2(H)
  • Weight: .49lb (220g)

Home security systems don't have to be complicated. The CyberEye Eco is definitely a favorite of ours. It has proved that it works and has saved us over $3,000.00 in monitoring fees so far. It has also aided in scaring away burglars in real life.

Don't wait until you become a victim. Act now and be one step ahead.

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