Darim Vision's Distinguished Line-Up of Next-Generation Broadcast Equipment set to impress DV Expo West

Los Angeles, CA Dec.10, 2003--Darim Vision (http://www.darim.com), a leading provider of integrated MPEG encoding, streaming, broadcasting, and security solutions, announced today that it will be showcasing its extensive line-up of digital broadcast equipment at the DV Expo West in Los Angeles. Darim's FS1000?, an automated video server, B-DVR?, a MPEG 2 based digital video recorder, the VS2000?, a state-of-the-art real-time virtual 3D set generator that delivers outstanding quality video for the budget minded customers and the MPEGator4?, the defacto standard for encoding MPEG 4 data.. The FS1000, B-DVR, VS2000, and MPEGator4 can be seen at Darim's booth # 144 at The DV Expo West on December 10 C 12, 2003 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

"Our dedication to delivering winning solutions to smaller and regional broadcast facilities is unwavering. We are demonstrating a full complement of digital video broadcast and editing equipment that is set to prove their merit to this important industry," Commented John Houston, vice president of marketing at Darim Vision. "We have designed an entire line of video broadcasting, editing, and delivery products that complement each other as well as existing third party equipment found in virtually any studio, and deliver stunning performance for a fraction of the cost of competitive products. This is Darim's specialty."

The FS1000
FS1000 is the ultimate small studio tool and is in use at hundreds of locations worldwide. It captures video input, adds titles or graphics and sets up a play list for later broadcasting. This industry proven workhorse features multiple video input and output formats including composite, S-Video, component YUV and RGB as well as purely digital formats like SDI plus Firewire (IEEE1394) and a hot swappable hard disk capable of recording more than 24 hours of high quality video. Larger capacity systems are also available. Additionally, the FS1000 also supports real-time editing and the creation of still and animated titles using the DD Title? package. It can also function as a replay server for retransmission of satellite feeds with less then one minute delay.

B-DVR is designed to capture video to a hot swappable hard drive for easy archiving and organization of video and audio data. The definitive digital video solution, the B-DVR is right at home in broadcasting, corporate events, advertising, medical, and promotional settings with cost sensitive budgets and the need for the highest quality MPEG2 digital video recording and playback. It functions as a drop-in real-time digital MPEG 2 recording replacement for any Beta Cam VTR or videotape. The B-DVR delivers vivid broadcast quality video anywhere anytime in a compact form factor that fits right into any video capturing environment.

The VS2000
The VS2000 is the most cost-effective, powerful turnkey solution for quickly generating dramatic live video broadcasts with 3D virtual sets. The VS2000 provides chroma keying of live actors or video feeds combined with a fully interactive 3D environment to produce striking live studio broadcasts at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods. VS2000 processes live or pre-recorded video and can even compensate for imperfect background and lighting or output from consumer quality equipment such as a DV cameras. The VS2000 renders these virtual 3D worlds with professional quality tools incorporating mesh objects, a variety of texture materials, virtual lights, cameras and animation tracks. Fully interactive and extremely easy to use, the VS2000 requires only a single operator, using either a keyboard, mouse or joystick for control of the virtual set, thus eliminating the need for multiple high-end video engineers.

MPEGator 4
The MPEGator4 is the most advanced MPEG4 encoder available today. With features like full D1 and frame rate MPEGator4 encoder is opening new power encoding solutions for Video CD production, video conferencing, digital security systems, and multimedia content creation. The MPEGator 4 has the same software development kit (SDK) format as its predecessor, the award winning MPEGator 1 so customers can easily migrate their existing legacy MPEGator 1 systems to encode MPEG 4 content without any modification to their applications.     The defacto standard in digital video encoding solutions the MPEGator 4 is presently the only choice for high quality, real time MPEG encoding for broadcasting, corporate events, advertising, medical, and promotional settings with cost sensitive budgets and the need for the highest quality MPEG4 digital video recording and playback.
About Darim Vision
Established in 1994, Darim Vision Corp. is a recognized pioneer in the development and marketing of video compression and transmission technologies including MPEG encoding hardware and software solutions for emerging applications. Darim is a fast growing, privately held company with sales expected to more than double over the next year. Dedicated to providing tools and services that enhance the way people communicate, Darim's innovative and award winning solutions serve to empower small to mid-sized regional broadcasters by delivering large studio capabilities and performance for a fraction of the cost.
More information on the company's TV technology-related products is available at the company's web site at www.darimtv.com or by calling 1-888-GET-MPEG (438-6734).

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