Click to enlargepadPelcoNet NET350R <br>Network Video Receiver


Product Features
  • Send and Receive Live Video, Audio, and Control Data Over Ethernet Networks
  • Dual MPEG-4 Video Streams
  • CompactFlash? Interface for Local Recording
  • Full Integration with Pelco?s Matrices, Genex? Multiplexers, Spectra? Domes, and Esprit? Positioning Systems
  • Adjustable Bandwidth, Image Rate, and Quality
  • View Video on PC, Analog Monitor, or Both
  • NTSC and PAL
  • Alarm Input and Relay Output
  • Two Bidirectional Data Channels Via RS-232 and RS-232/422/485 Serial Ports

    The NET350 can be used in three ways:
  • Standalone ? as a transmitter or receiver for a camera where BNC cable is not possible. This allows one-way video transmission for fixed cameras or the option of sending control signals to a Spectra? dome or Esprit? positioning system.
  • Analog to Ethernet ?Bridge? ? as a way of using one or more NET350s connected to a system of Pelco matrices or Genex ? multiplexers to view video from a vast number of camera analog inputs. In this application the analog device is being used as a ?concentrator? to allow viewing of hundreds of cameras without incurring the cost of hundreds of encoders.
  • Complete Ethernet System ? as a way of controlling an unlimited number of cameras via NET350s by using Pelco?s VMX series of matrix control software in a purely Ethernet or hybrid system. Ethernet systems involve using an encoder with each camera and using the Ethernet as a virtual matrix. This is cost efficient for new installations or add-ons to existing installations. Using the VMX300 as control software for existing systems as well as new Ethernet portions allows the user to build the industry?s only truly ?hybrid? CCTV system.

    The NET350 can display video on a PC using Internet Explorer?, an analog monitor, or both.

    PelcoNet? transmits (NET350T) or receives (NET350R) live video, data, and audio across existing Ethernet networks. Sending video and audio over computer networks yields significant cost savings by using an existing computer network to monitor a remote site. The NET350 saves installation costs (no separate cabling required), allows toll-free operation (intranets), and saves management costs (single, uniform network). With minimal setup, the NET350 transmission system can be installed and running in minutes.

    When using a NET350T and a NET350R, connect a camera to a transmitter and an analog monitor to a receiver. Then connect the transmitter and receiver to the network and configure IP addresses for the equipment using a standard terminal program or any Internet browser. If you need to control a camera (operate pan, tilt, and lens functions, or do presets and patterns), an RS-232 data interface links the keyboard controls to the network and then from the network to the camera system.

    Instead of (or in addition to) a receiver and monitor, an Internet browser can be used at the receiving end to display video on a PC. Onscreen keyboards in the NET350 let you control the following devices over the network: System 9760?/9740? or CM6700/CM6800 matrix controller, Genex multiplexers, Spectra domes, and Esprit positioning systems.

    All recordings can be stored locally using a CompactFlash? card or miniature disk drive (up to 1 GB capacity).

    The NET350T, featuring CompactFlash and dual MPEG-4 video streams, lets you use computer networks to interface your control and monitoring stations with remote camera sites, whether they are in the same building, across the country, or around the world.

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