Day & Night Security Cameras

This color CCTV low light C mount video security camera gives you stunning performance for an unbelievable price. 420 lines of resolution at 0.45 lux. One of its key features is switchable automatic backlight compensation. Under difficult lighting conditions, the auto BLC enables the PC-33C to deliver good video. You really have to see it to believe it. Low light capability, high resolution and low cost combine to make the PC-33C an excellent choice for remote surveillance. A low cost color camera we can even recommend for night time use. Other features include a high sensitivity microphone and audio circuit, automatic white balance, automatic gain control and electronic shutter. Operates on 12 volts DC and outputs NTSC video, compatible with all standard monitors and VCRs. Size is a compact 2.3" X 4" long. Convenient tripod/wall mount bracket sockets on top and bottom of rugged, streamlined metal case. Front panel LED power indicator light. The PC-33C is one of the best color camera values weve ever offered. C mount lens and power supply not included.Comes with easy connection instructions, C/CS lens adapter, 2 year warranty and 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Security Cameras, Surveillance Cameras

  • Sony CCD imager
  • 420 Lines of resolution
  • 0.45 lux minimum illumination
  • C/CS mount lens compatible
  • 10-14 volts DC power
  • 2 year warranty/30 day MBG

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