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February 21, 2005 -- A Little Info On What Detailing Actually Is..

Detailing can be defined as the systematic reconditioning and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle.

Let's break this definition down into components.

"Systematic" refers to the fact that, as Dedicated Detailing details a vehicle, we use specific procedures and place those procedures in an order that allows us to do the work in the most efficient and effective manner. For example, anybody can wash and wax a car. Most home detailers, however, would spend an entire Saturday doing so. Because we at Dedicated are systematic in what we do, we can (1) complete the same activity in two hours or less (efficiency), while (2) yielding a product that is far cleaner and better protected (effective) then the average home detailer would have ever dreamed!

"Reconditioning" refers to the procedures that we use to return the vehicle at or close to showroom condition. these procedures range from removing the excess dust from a collector's vehicle that is permanently stored indoors, to all that is necessary to re-vitalize a never -cleaned mini van that has taxied five messy kids for eight years.

"Protection" refers to the procedures that we use that will help to keep the vehicle looking new after we leave. that is, when the reconditioning activities are complete, we apply products that, for example, keep the paint from oxidizing and fading, keep the leather from drying and cracking, and keep the tires black.

An automobile that looks, feels and smells like new is a pleasure to drive. A complete professional detail will give your car the appearance it had when you first bought it from the car dealer.

With the increased cost of new cars, good used cars are maintaining high dollar values. Most of us trade or sell our used cars because they don't run right or because they look bad. When the time comes to sell your car, a professionally detailed used car will bring a higher price. Whether you trade in your used car to a dealership as a down payment on a new one, or sell it outright to another individual, your cleaned and detailed vehicle will bring top dollar!

Along with the cost of new cars, auto-painting costs have risen too. A good professional detail can save money in the long run by protecting your investment! A professional wax job prolongs the life of the paint and sharpens the appearance of you vehicle.

Preventative maintenance is less work once a car is cleaned professionally.

We are also equipped to handle the interior fabrics and leathers as well as the exterior Hi-tech clear coat base paints found on late model cars.

Dedicated Detailing has always prided itself on its integrity, impeccable workmanship and ability to perform services in a timely and fashionable manner.

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