Deluxe miniAlarm Security System - Portable too!
The Deluxe miniAlarm Security System is a full featured alarm system that calls up to four telephone numbers and alerts you with a voice message of a security breach in your unoccupied home, business or vacation home. You can also put the system in "home" mode to protect you while you are in the house!

The miniAlarm Deluxe Security System is perfect for any home or business owner who needs an active security system, but doesn't want to pay the high installation costs and nagging monthly fees. The MA-D is an active system that calls you when there is trouble, not some monitoring station a thousand miles away. This also means you never pay for monitoring fees.

The Deluxe miniAlarm Security System is easy to install - program the Keypad Receiver, put your sensors in key places throughout the home or business and arm the unit. Your place is now protected with an easy to use, yet powerful security system.

The system includes the following:

* 1 Keypad control unit
* 1 PIR Motion Sensor (wireless)
* 1 Door or window sensor (wireless)
* 1 Three button remote control for a keychain
* 1 200db Siren
* 1 plug-in transformer and rechargeable, 12VDC battery pack
* 3 Security decals for windows or doors
* 1 Weatherproof security yard sign

Expand your system with up to 17 additional door, window or motion sensors or additional keychain remote controls.

This powerful system is easy to use and install, because the sensors are all wireless, communicating with the Keypad Receiver by radio frequency - even through walls or between multiple buildings. You choose the alarm message and the numbers for the unit to call when there is trouble.

The Deluxe miniAlarm is also expandable!

Add a total of 20 sensors of any combination. Additional motion sensors, door/window sensors and keychain remotes are available. Unit comes with a 12 volt rechargeable battery pack. The remote control includes a compact 12 volt battery, but the two sensors require 9 volt batteries (not included).

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