Digital CCD Camera has plug-and-play FireWire connection

pco.4000; 14 bit CCD Camera at 4008 2672 Pixel Resolution with Plug n' Play Firewire Connection

The Cooke Corporation builds on the success of its existing line of CCD cameras with the addition of the pco.4000 High Performance, 14 bit CCD Camera Systems.

Easy connectivity

This high resolution 14 bit cooled CCD camera system comprises advanced CCD and electronics technology. With the new approach to integrate the image memory (camRAM) into the camera itself, it enables unmatched fast image recording with 128 MB/s.The system features thermo-electrical cooling (down to C45 C vs. ambient), an excellent high resolution (4008 2672 pixel) and low noise (down to 16e rms). It consists of a compact camera with an external intelligent power supply.The image data are transferred via customer selectable standard data interfaces to a computer (IEEE 1394 ("firewire"), camera link). The available exposure times range from 5 s to 49 days. This digital CCD camera system is perfectly suited for low light and high resolution camera applications such as microscopy, aerial photography or quality control.


Camware software for camera control, image acquisition and archiving of images in various file formats, WindowsXP and later, 32 bit-dynamic link library (DLL) is available for user customisation and integration on PC platforms (software development kit -SDK), software is operational in either single mode or with built-in recorder functions, drivers for popular third party software packages are also available.


Applications include Laser induced fuorescence, high resolution microscopy, luminescence, microscopy, electron microscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy (up to NIR), bioluminescence , chemoluminescence, low light level, imaging, imaging of bio markers (eg. green fluorescent protein, GFP), time resolved spectroscopy, spray analysis, hydrodynamics, electrophoresis, absorption & luminescence spectroscopy, imaging of potential sensitive dyes (Neuroscience), security, astronomy, combustion process analysis, gel imaging, fuel injection, scientific imaging, piv imaging, fluorescence imaging semiconductor quality control, aerial photography, flow visualization, spray imaging, traffic control for scientific and industrial applications.

The Cooke Corporation

6930 Metroplex Drive

Romulus, Michigan 48174 USA

tel 248 276 8820

fax 248 276 8825
Digital CCD Camera has plug-and-play FireWire connection.
Digital CCD Camera has plug-and-play FireWire connection.

April 27, 2005 07:56 - Comprised of compact camera with external intelligent power supply, 14-bit pco.4000 system features thermo-electrical cooling and integrated image memory that enables 128 Mb/s image recording. With 4,008 x 2,672 pixel resolution, camera offers exposure times from 5 s to 49 days. Along with 32-bit dynamic link library, Camware software is provided for camera control, image acquisition, and archiving.


General Information:
Murad Karmali

Company Information:
Name: Cooke Corporation, The
Address: 6930 Metroplex Drive
City: Romulus
State: MI
ZIP: 48174
Country: USA
Phone: 248-276-8820
FAX: 248-276-8825

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