Digital Inspection System offers choice of camera heads

Everest VIT? Expands its Popular Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera System to Meet More Inspection Needs

CA-ZOOM? PTZ-6.0 Digital Inspection System? Now Available With Two Interchangeable Camera Heads and Advanced Features

Flanders, New Jersey C June 14, 2004 C Everest VIT, the leader in Remote Visual Inspection, expands its CA-ZOOM PTZ-6.0 Digital Inspection System, which is widely used in power and processing industries. Now with interchangeable camera heads, users can select the PTZ140 (139 mm [5.47"] diameter) or new PTZ100 (98.4 mm [3.875"] diameter) depending on inspection needs or size of access areas. Both camera heads offer wide-angle and tele-zoom views, and can be equipped with the optional parallel laser measurement accessory. The smaller PTZ100 camera head is offered in anodized aluminum, weighing only 1.8 kg (3.9 lbs.), which is 40% lighter than the PTZ140.

The new CA-ZOOM PTZ100 offers a variety of new camera features:

? 10x Optical with 4x Digital Zoom (total 40x) capability

? Four high-intensity LED lights

? High-resolution video and still image capture (470 HTV lines)

? Parallel laser measurement accessory

? Integrated still image and motion video viewing, recording, measuring, comparing and playback

? On-screen temperature, pressure, PTZ position, time/date and on-screen text display

"Everest VIT is dedicated to delivering the most advanced, innovative and flexible digital imaging solutions," said Bruce A. Pellegrino, Everest VIT President and CEO. "Many of our customers choose inspection tools that can be used for multiple applications. The CA-ZOOM PTZ System's new interchangeable camera heads fits the bill. It allows for a variety of inspections using the same control unit, cables and related accessories."

The CA-ZOOM PTZ System remains the only inspection device in its class to offer an integrated image capture and management tool. The exclusive iVIEW? technology platform allows for still and video image management, comparison measurement, audio and text annotation. This integrated hardware and software platform allows users to easily view, screen capture and organize a variety of images for in-the-field or off-site assessment. It features the hand-held controller equipped with a large full VGA-resolution LCD monitor (16.0cm / 6.4 in) as well as dual joysticks to control camera pan and tilt, and menu navigation. Buttons control zoom, focus, lighting, image brightness and menu control for image management. In addition, the system is housed in a portable shipping and storage case; the system is ready for operation within 30 seconds of initial set-up.

The iVIEW features also include advanced imaging controls, including freeze-frame, image save, split screen, image invert, image recall, audio and text annotation, laser-based measurement, file management and onscreen control of a remote digital video recorder. The iVIEW software is easily upgradeable and the system is compatible with iVIEW Remote, which provides full remote control capability of the CA-ZOOM PTZ-6.0 system from a PC in a remote location.

In addition to the standard hand-held controller, camera control unit / processor and camera, several accessories and enhancements are available. Depending on inspection needs, users can equip their system with extended cable reels, a second hand-held controller, extension poles, tripods, mini DV digital recorder or other video recording device, laser measurement and keyboard.

About Everest VIT

Headquartered in Flanders, New Jersey and offices around the world, Everest VIT is the industry leader in the development, sales and rental of Remote Visual Inspection equipment. Everest VIT provides unparalleled 24x7 on-site inspection and retrieval services, as well as a wide array of RVI/VT and product training. Everest VIT's services and products enable companies to inspect plant components, confined spaces, radiologically-controlled areas, machinery, facilities and infrastructure in the safest, quickest and most cost-effective manner possible. Everest VIT products have been used to streamline the inspection process in all industries where image quality, safety, security and accuracy are of paramount concern, such as aviation, electric power generation, processing, manufacturing, law enforcement and infrastructure. For more information on Everest VIT visit or call 888-332-EVIT (3848) or 973-448-0077.
Digital Inspection System offers choice of camera heads.

June 18, 2004 07:55 - CA-ZOOM? PTZ-6.0 Digital Inspection System? is available with 5.47 in. dia PTZ140 or 3.875 in. dia PTZ100 interchangeable camera heads. Both camera heads offer wide-angle and tele-zoom views and can be equipped with parallel laser measurement accessory. System features 10x optical with 4x digital zoom capability, 4 LED lights, and 470 HTV line resolution. It also provides integrated still image and motion video viewing, recording, measuring, comparing, and playback.

Company Information:
Name: Everest VIT, Inc.
Address: 199 Highway 206
City: Flanders
State: NJ
ZIP: 07836 4500
Country: USA
Phone: 888-332-EVIT
FAX: 973-448-0044

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