Digital Video Camera is PC compatible

i-SPEED: A New Customized Digital High Speed Video Camera System That Is PC Compatible, Compact and Easy to Use, and Can Capture Images Up To 32,000 Frames Per Second

End users enjoy optimized speed, easy image viewing and storage, and remote operation capabilities.

Olympus Industrial America, Inc. Orangeburg, New York

Olympus Industrial America of Orangeburg, New York is marketing i-Speed, a new digital high speed video (D-HSV) camera using the latest in CMOS chip technology and computer enhanced motion analysis. The basis of the system is a highly portable, rugged, and yet fully functional system that fits the user who needs an evolutionary system within a reasonable price range.

The D-HSV i-Speed system has a capture speed from 60 to 32,000 frames per second (FPS) optimized at 800 x 600 resolution for the most effective video image management. The video image is a full resolution color image at 1,000 FPS. The image storage is directly to internal camera memory, with easy downloading to a compact flash (CF) card on the camera, or to a PC via Ethernet.

The user can operate the camera very simply with the wired remote control pendant (RCP). The RCP is a small hand held device that allows for easy movement around the application. The viewing of the images will be on a standard NTSC TV or PC monitor. The addition of a Control Display Unit (CDU) module provides an easy to operate camera with a dedicated flat panel display.

If you are a PC user, then the camera has an Ethernet connection for camera control and video download. The PC software has several unique features that enable the user to rapidly preview the large Windows AVI format files without a lengthy download. The specialized software has upgrades that provide multiple data acquisition options synchronized to individual video frames. There is also full integration of MS Excel based analysis of multiple input signals and visual tracking.

This D-HSV i-Speed camera is ideal for a user of high speed video who needs a reasonably priced camera to quickly set-up, capture, and analyze images. The flexibility of configuration means the user can configure a system precisely for their applications. i-Speed is truly an evolutionary product designed like no other high speed camera available today.

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Digital Video Camera is PC compatible.
Digital Video Camera is PC compatible.

October 6, 2003 08:00 - Model i-Speed utilizes CMOS chip technology and computer enhanced motion analysis. Portable, high-speed system captures images from 60¨C32,000 fps optimized at 800 x 600 resolution. Image storage is directly to internal camera memory, with downloading to compact flash card on camera, or to PC via Ethernet. User can operate camera with hand-held, wired remote control pendant.


Gloria Libby Marketing Manager
Phone: 866-642-4725

Company Information:
Name: Olympus America Inc. / Industrial Products Group Division
Address: Two Corporate Center Drive
City: Melville
State: NY
ZIP: 11747
Country: USA
Phone: 516 844 5888
FAX: 516 844 5620

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