Dome Camera can be installed indoors or outdoors

Video control specialist Bewator, has launched a new dome camera, SOLARIS, that offers unparalleled levels of accuracy, speed and configurability. Incorporating the latest security technology, SOLARIS is suitable both for internal and external use in areas such as town and city centres, airports, retail and commercial buildings.

Installation of the dome is fast and simple with a single, external connection plug and configuration is achieved using on screen display menus such as presets, privacy zones setting or diagnostics.

SOLARIS is fitted with an External Termination Unit (XTU), which enables users to set up the dome easily and accurately using the LCD panel and a range of intuitive menus. The XTU can be positioned on a wall or at ground level for immediate access.

The dome has a range of features designed to provide the latest in security functionality, including:

· High picture quality

· 24 privacy zones masking: 8 zones are displayed on screen at all times - even when using 3rd party control equipment

· Day/night switching capability on the external model

· High/low speed controllability

· 99 pre-set positions with a pan and tilt acquisition time of less than 1 second - including acceleration and deceleration. Combined with high resolution control on Pan/Tilt commands, this allows superb positional accuracy when re-acquisition of pre-set views is required.

· 1 Patrol tour (or pattern) set up which allows operator’s manual movement such as zoom and focus, to be recorded and for a period of time as part of a preset. This can then be replayed continuously or every time a patrol is recalled

· Sector definition, allowing up to 16 zones to be named with up to 24 characters. Street names, floor numbers, etc. may be input so that the sector in which an incident is taking place may be instantly identified.

Mark Wherrett, Video Control Product Manager at Bewator said, “We pride ourselves in offering customers highly functional, flexible and scaleable products that are easily integrated with new and existing security systems.

“SOLARIS has been developed with our customers in mind, which is why we have made it so simple to set up and use, and provides end-users with a great deal of flexibility - at a very competitive price.”

SOLARIS can be controlled via a range of protocols such as Molynx, VCL, DM, Pelco and Ernitec ERNA, enabling it to be fully integrated with most security systems and technologies.

“Service and maintenance issues were at the core of our development of SOLARIS,” confirmed Wherrett. “We work hard to ensure our products are easy to work with for installers, integrators and end-users, whether they are being used as part of a small or large system, an upgrade or an expansion.”

For further information please contact:

Mark Wherrett, Video Product Management, tel: +44 1633 820 626

About Bewator

The Bewator Group are international leaders in the field of Access Security. The Business Areas of Bewator develop and market products and systems within access, video and parking control.

According to leading market analysts Frost & Sullivan, Bewator is ranked as one of the top three European Access Control suppliers. In addition, Bewator is reported to hold the dominant number one position in Scandinavia.

Bewator has some 300 employees with the group headquarters located in Solna, Sweden and subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the U.K., Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada.

Bewator’s major shareholder is EQT, founded by Investor AB, a holding company in the Wallenberg Group. Investor AB also has controlling interests in other leading Swedish international companies such as SAAB, Electrolux, Atlas Copco, Ericsson, ABB and AstraZeneca

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