MULTIVIEW SOFTWARE: Now you can turn your PC into the ultimate surveillance center for your home or business! With X10's NEW MultiView software you can view up to four X10 Internet cameras from one screen and "zoom" any Internet camera for LIVE Video. With MultiView you can control all the surveillance features including how fast to refresh images, when and where to save images, even utilize an advanced motion detection ability. Great for homes or small businesses. From the comforts of your PC you can monitor up to 4 wireless XCam2 Internet cameras (or other video source). If you see something, simply click on the screen and get a large re-sizeable window of that Internet camera view in LIVE video using MultiView's Click-To LIVE Video™ feature. This means you can see everything in real-time. ($50 Value) Learn More


WEBVIEW SOFTWARE: From the comforts of any PC, monitor 4 wireless XCam2 Internet cameras from any location (such as your work PC) with an Internet connection. Then, when you go to work, simply access multiview.x10.com, enter your registration code and password, then view all the latest images from all your Internet cameras remotely (can update up to every 4 seconds). Click the "history" button and view a comprehensive history of your Internet cameras. Check most recent images, then sort through the last minute's & last hour's photos all with time-stamps. Even review images taken days ago - all from any PC with an Internet connection! ($80 Value) Learn More 

Add both MultiView & WebView to the 3 Internet Camera Deal for Only $40! $130 VALUE!
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