Ecological Environmentally Friendly Fuel Savings

Environmentally friendly company in Santa Monica California gains distribution agreement fo Fuel Enhancement products that help clean up the environment and save over 20% of fuel costs.

Santa Monica, CA January 21, 2005 -- B&A International, Inc., is pleased to announce that they have recently obtained exclusive Government distribution and authorized distribution of the Mach3 SUPERFORCE line of fuel enhancement products, which are exempted by CARB Executive Order D-339 and registered with the US EPA with registrations numbers 1927-001 and 1927-002 using their protocols, for their BSR Management Division. Tests conducted by Automotive Testing and Development Services, Inc. have confirmed a measurable increase in automobile fuel mileage efficiency.

EPA protocols are very stringent and require that certain specific parameters be met in order to attain a status of "US EPA Registration".

BSR Management independently used 2 automobiles, one a 2001 Honda Accord EX with a 99,201.5 mile engine for the tests, the other a 1990 GM Cadillac El Dorado V-8 with a 184,449.3 mile engine. After successive baselines and final testing, the fuel economy of both automobiles exhibited an increase in efficiency exceeding EPA protocols. EPA protocols require a minimum of 4.9% increase in fuel efficiency in order to achieve a statistically valid confidence level that the fuel economy benefits are real, not just variables from test to test. The Honda achieved a 26.108% increase in fuel efficiency, while the Cadillac achieved a 37.08% increase in fuel efficiency.

David Barberis, CEO of BSR, stated that he was exceedingly happy over the test results. "Not only did these vehicles increase their fuel efficiency saving the corresponding monetary value but an additional savings will be realized by the fact that these vehicles were tested while using 87 Octane (Regular) Gasoline with no evidence of knocking or pinging, the effects of which are an additional saving of approximately $0.25 per gallon of fuel."

Barberis also noted that the Mach3 Superforce Gelpak exempted by CARB also demonstrated fuel efficiency increases averaging over 23.2% on tests conducted by the AirportBus, Anaheim company using 5 of their buses utilizing Detroit Diesel Engines using #2 Diesel Fuel. Other automobiles and trucks usually exhibited an even higher fuel efficiency increase. However, achieving the above indicated increases in fuel efficiency on the Honda and Cadillac automobiles was impressive, while also reducing emissions.

Mr. Barberis also stated, "There are so many products on the market today that claim fuel efficiency gains. Today's consumer should only accept products that are supported by stringent testing methods, based on nationally approved testing protocols provided by the US EPA or as exempted by the California Air Resources Board. The Mach3 line of Ecological products employ the principle of effectuating more complete fuel combustion by harnessing the forces of nature to bring about better fuel economy, more complete combustion results in the reduction of all pollutants in the engine exhaust, creating a cleaner and healthier environment, higher engine efficiency and longer engine life."

BSR Management will distribute several different types of fuel enhancement products through the United States, and Local, State, and Federal Government entities, to Mexico and parts of Europe. BSR Management is an environmentally friendly company dedicated to distributing and promoting innovative cost-effective products to improve the quality of life and clean up the environment. BSR is involved in the production of renewable, clean-burning alternative fuels and other environmentally friendly products.

The Mach3 line of Ecological products includes lubricants, additives and devices that reduce emissions and improve fuel economy in vehicles, marine equipment, machinery and power plants using Petroleum based Fuels such as; Diesel, Kerosene, Gasoline, Heating Oils, IFO's and Bunker Fuels and Motor, Hydraulic, and Lubricating Oils, and alternative fuels such as Propane and Natural Gas.

Testing performed at the Automotive Testing and Development Services, Inc. facilities as well as references and/or attributions to the US EPA or CARB herein do not imply endorsement by the US EPA or CARB of any products mentioned herein. Test results available upon written request.

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