Electronic Signage Networks respond to 9/11 Commission report

Electronic Signage in public and retail locations integrate public safety, information services and commerce offering rapid action on 9/11 Commission recommendations. ADSN, Inc. announces Amber Alert and Public Safety Information display override on electronic signage.

Ancaster, ONJuly 30, 2004 -- Amber alerts and public safety/direction bulletins can now be displayed for immediate-response situations on electronic displays through a new feature that further empowers electronic signage networks (ESN). The announcement coincides with the release of the final report of the Commission: National Commission on Terrorist Attack upon the United States (9/11 Commission).

"We expect future attacks," said Thomas H. Kean, Chair of the 9/11 Commission in releasing its final report today. Several electronic signage providers responded to the report. "Electronic Signage Networks (ESN) that can accommodate on-time alerts and public direction offer modern disaster preparedness, for both public and private sectors" said Antoniette Zarcone of Automated Digital Signage Networks, Inc. (ADSN). She added, "The 9/11 Commission's recommendation for the adoption of such measures is to be applauded, along with its recommendation that an organization's use of this technology be considered in assessing insurability and creditworthiness (per page 415 of the report)". "Electronic Signage Networks (ESN) offers immediate and straightforward action on this important public safety recommendation", she noted.

The Display Management component to the Dynamic Image Provisioning
Application (DIPA) provided by Automated Digital Signage Networks, Inc (ADSN) offers nationwide message override capabilities. Robust features include broad multimedia support; playback log reporting mechanism, internal interactive kiosk capabilities, controlled override emergency response, direct video support for streaming immediate street level communications.

The ADSN software can also incorporate visual recognition and other
identification capabilities as referenced on page 402 of the 9/11 Report "A Biometric Screening System" and ADSN partnerships allow the fullest functionality of the Electronic Signage Network (ESN). One such partnership is with WiFi-Plus, Inc., which provides patented, obstruction-penetrating antenna technology applicable in urban environments, and the need for which was referenced in the release of the report and on page 414.

The ability to display images, graphic or text messages in response to an emergency situation is inherent in ADSN's signage network software" said Antoniette Zarcone. Further, the ability to indicate which signs would display a message and the format and size of the override message on that device or group of devices, provides a powerful tool for public safety, the recovery of missing children and reductions in disaster response need through better alarm and weather alerts.

The secure network operates under an Emergency Message System utility that can be operated by first responder, Signal Corp or communications control, which are in keeping with 9/11 Commission recommendations as well. The ADSN suite of software, which has been designed for large scale, multi-use electronic signage network is provided through ISMS (Chicago) and other signage network and electronic display providers.
"Electronic Signage Networks that use dynamic image provisioning have
important life-saving application and can be designed to augment in-place infrastructure for voice and data communications. It is of critical importance to communicate exit and emergency information, as it is needed, particularly in multi-tenant high-rise buildings or public areas. Visual and audible content, in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), will facilitate rapid and orderly evacuation and enable first responders to capitalize on accurate and timely information related to the emergency." Said Allan Olbur, VP of ISMS, who is involved with several large safety-related ESN projects.

Antoniette Zarcone added, "ADSN display management software,
communications and server capabilities now available, provide tremendous value to the use of electronic display including LCD and plasma". Electronic signage networks growth is driven by improved display device price/performance, dramatic improvements in wireless communications and display management, along with the lowering of costs associated with ad composition and display.

The ability to use installed signage networks for homeland security provides a further motivation for installing systems in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic. Since the display device offers a platform for environmental monitoring equipment including smoke, heat and hazardous materials detection, cameras, etc, the combination of display device, WiFi and DIPA offers a useful tool for emergency response organizations.

About Automated Digital Signage Networks (ADSN)
Automated Digital Signage Network, Inc. ("ADSN") provides "Dynamic Image Provisioning Applications" (DIPA), a new category of tools that improve the flexibility, visual appeal and cost effectiveness of Electronic Signage Networks (ESN) for advertising and public information. The firm has deployments in major North American centers and is at the leading edge of tools and services for image layout, display scheduling, content trafficking and "audience-of-one"
interactivity. ADSN provides DIPA modules, image creation, hardware and network upgrade, installation and onsite service, as well as ad and information provisioning. ADSN provides a complete software suite solution for large urban display networks which link to emergency services organizations While at ISCe2004, the firm will also profile its integration with chemical sensory cameras and other environmental monitoring and emergency management tolls.

Antoniette Zarcone, Tel: 905-304-8553 or e-mail protected from spam bots. See www.adsn.ca
About In-Store Merchandising Solutions, Inc. (ISMS)
In-Store Merchandising Solutions, Inc. provides system integration and
installation of Electronic Signage Networks for use in advertising, public information and safety, multiplayer gaming studios and other applications. By working closely with technology developers and providers as well as advertisers, emergency response organizations, retailers, transportation authorities and levels of government (municipal, regional, state, federal and agencies), ISMS provides input to the planning and then implements Electronic Signage Networks.
Contact Allan Olbur at e-mail protected from spam bots or 847-686-0014. See www.windowadvantages.com

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