Electrophysics? SunStar 300? Delivers Powerful Ultra Low-Light Sensitivity in Affordable and Compact Package

SunStar 300 is the cost-effective addition to any CCTV system operating in low-light conditions.

Fairfield, NJ April 8, 2005 -C Outfitting surveillance systems with the technology necessary to successfully monitor designated areas in all conditions, especially night and low-light situations, has become increasingly important given the rise of Homeland Security concerns. The Electrophysics SunStar 300 CCD camera is the ideal addition to any 24-hour surveillance system as it is equipped with a host of advanced, user-friendly features and doesn't carry the price tag commonly associated with cameras of its caliber.

Featuring a low-light sensitivity of 0.00005 lux and a resolution of 580 lines, the SunStar 300 camera can be used to view scenes in nearly total darkness. The SunStar 300 attains an unprecedented sensitivity by special processing of the CCD signal by the simultaneous use of in-frame video signal processing as well as inter-frame integration allowing the camera to increase its sensitivity up to 600 times over other low-light CCD-based camera systems.

The SunStar 300 also features fully automatic gain control and an auto-iris, which allows the camera to operate automatically 24/7, in a totally passive surveillance mode. The SunStar 300 also incorporates anti-blooming circuit technology to reduce the glow typically seen on cameras that operate using image intensifiers during low-light conditions.

"At times, the cost associated with equipping video surveillance systems with low-light CCD cameras capable of night-time surveillance, can be quite overwhelming" said Jay Jones, Director of Night Vision Sales for Electrophysics. "With the SunStar 300, facilities can give their security personnel the ability to efficiently observe identified surroundings in low-light conditions, without over-extending their budget or sacrificing quality and precision."

The SunStar 300 is also C-Mount compatible, expanding the user's options as far as interchangeable lenses. Various housing options are also available for the SunStar 300 which allows the user to customize the camera for a variety of applications, including border patrol, perimeter security, airborne imaging, coastal surveillance, criminal investigation and force protection.

Headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, Electrophysics develops advanced near infrared, night vision and thermal imaging systems for use in a host of imaging applications. Since 1969, Electrophysics has maintained its focus on delivering products that reflect the company's exceptional engineering capabilities to meet specific real world demands while keeping pace with rapidly evolving imaging technologies. The Company has realized exceptional growth as a result of its customer-centric philosophy and remains firmly committed to continually innovating its products in order to enhance the experience of end-users. Electrophysics is vertically integrated with expertise in complex signal processing, optics, embedded software, PC software applications development and hardware design.

For additional information and full specifications, please visit the SunStar 300 product page at http://www.electrophysics.com/Browse/Brw_ProductLineCategory.asp?CategoryID=89&Area=NV

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