Engine Tuning Specialists Launch Brand New All Inclusive Packages

Angel tuning angeltuning.co.uk, the engine tuning management specialists, have recently launched a number of all inclusive packages to get the most from your vehicle at a price you can afford.

February 25, 2005 -- Engine tuning specialists launch brand new all inclusive packages

Angel tuning http://www.angeltuning.co.uk, the engine tuning management specialists, have recently launched a number of all inclusive packages to get the most from your vehicle at a price you can afford.

The tuning packages are available for Alfa Romeo, Fiat Multipla, Peugeot 206, Fiat Stilo, Mini One & Cooper and many more. An example package which would consist of Remap, CDA & Brakes, fitted for a Fiat Punto MK2 Sporting & Bravo/a 1.2 16v would cost you just 500.

Angel Tuning was formed in early 2003 to provide the latest form of engine management tuning utilising the most up to date technology. By bringing together over 30 years of combined experience of engineering and electronics together, Nigel and Andy can provide a full service from diagnostic and electronic tuning to simple advice on all aspects of automotive issues.

ECU Remapping or "Chip Tuning", cars can enhance the power on most modern cars from 10% on normally aspirated petrol's to massive increases of over 60bhp on diesel cars C and at the same time improve economy, the best of both worlds. Whilst this is the core business, Angel Tuning also provide performance packages to suit customer requirements. Most requirements are covered from the popular "Stop 'n Go" brakes and tuning offerings to pure engine packages such a Air Induction kits and filters to compliment and enhance the tuning. Angel Tuning pride themselves on the flexibility of their packages and can also offer huge cost savings to car clubs and groups C quite simply, tell us your requirements!

When Angel Tuning was formed one of the key objectives was to take engine tuning into a new age of customer service. No longer does a customer have to either be without their car or take a day off, Angel Tuning are fully mobile and can come to the home or workplace - or the customer can choose to come to the workshop, whatever is most convenient. Each car is fully tested by both before and after with the customer so they can have the final say on whether the work carried out is both what was required and value for money. A very simple and honest approach."

To find out more about the services Angel Tuning offer visit http://www.angeltuning.co.uk or email e-mail protected from spam bots

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