Exhibition at Compact/space Features Works by Artists Carl Burton, Alan Calpe, Evelyn Donnelly, Julia Dzwonkoski/Kye Potter, Chris Lipomi, Paper Rad and Joe Winter

Whoever Sees this will Live Forever opens in Los Angeles with a reception on Saturday, May 14th from 6-9 p.m. and closes Sunday, May 29th.

Los Angeles, CA April 30, 2005 -- Both the title and the works in Whoever Sees this will Live Forever insist there's everything to be gained from taking a closer look at things, whether it's the ruby sheen of a blackened surface, fleeting images of an octopus, forms that have gone out of fashion, or the words we exchange without thinking twice.

Carl Burton's recent animations reinterpret 3d computer graphics imagery from the 80's. In Security Camera Footage of the Chrome Halo Effect and Rift, Burton renders early simulated environments (think "Tron") as foreign landscapes imbued with uncanny emotional weight.

The "rather complicated" figure of the octopus is the subject of Alan Calpe's installation where that creature's "fleshiness, gaping holes and abundance of arms are at once excessive and grotesque, balletic and sensual¡­ and sometimes in that dark sea, a boy finds the embrace of another."

In Evelyn Donnelly's work, the surface of black laminate table, photographed over the course of a year, becomes a living, breathing world.

Chris Lipomi's work serves as a template of interaction with its audience, inviting viewers to find their reflections in the negative (mirrored) spaces contained within shapes painted by the artist.

Julia Dzwonkoski and Kye Potter present a selection of amateur landscape paintings modified (individually and as a collection) through the addition of grayscale rainbows.

An installation by the artist collective Paper Rad combines bit-mapped graphics, puffy cartoons and psychedelic patterns to produce an optical and information overload.

Finally, in Joe Winter's black-on-black drawings, colloquialisms, personal mantras, advice from mom, and other words of encouragement are laboriously etched in black ball-point, reducing various moments of calm, resignation, or panic to an oddly communicative monochrome.

A creative and polyvalent space for visual artists, compact/space Los Angeles was established in 2004 in collaboration with students of the Art Center College of Design. The gallery is part of the compact/space collective started by Bernhard Moosbauer and Oliver B. Rubli 2003 in Berlin.

This exhibition is made possible with support from the Visual Arts Department at the University of California, San Diego.

compact/space is located at 1307 South Union Ave (Corner of Union and Pico), Los Angeles.

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