Explore the World in Safety
Traveling can be great fun, but can present serious problems too. Remembering a few rules and doing a bit of preparation can make the difference between a great journey and bad memories. Touch the points of the compass to find a few tips, and make sure you and your belongings stay safe and sound.

Leave your home secure.

Lock all windows and doors.
Set timers for your lights to turn on and off over the day. You might even put your television on with a timer for a few hours each night.
Unless your neighbors can collect them for you, suspend all deliveries?mail, newspaper, and anything else you receive regularly.
If possible, leave your car in the driveway, or ask a neighbor to park there while you?re away.
Consider a house-sitter. A relative or friend might do it, but don?t hesitate to contact a professional house-sitting service to protect your home.

Going on a road trip?

Before you leave, get your car checked out by a professional mechanic.
Make sure your spare tire is in working order and you know how to use it.
Be prepared for the unexpected. Carry a roadside emergency pack with flares, a flashlight, and a first aid kit. Bring extra food and water. A mobile phone can be very handy too.
Always wear your seatbelt, and put little children in approved child safety seats.
If you do break down, pull as far to the side of the road as you can. Place flares or reflectors behind your car and turn on your flashers to warn other drivers. Don?t walk away for help or flag down other motorists. Wait for the highway patrol inside your locked car.
Never leave any valuables in plain sight when you park the car. Lock them away in the trunk instead.
Keep your windows closed and your doors locked when yore stopped in traffic.
If someone does try to take your car by force, let them have it. You can always replace a car.

Taking to the air?

If your plane ticket is lost or stolen, report it to the airlines immediately. Unfortunately, you will likely have to purchase another ticket to continue your journey. Getting a missing ticket replaced or refunded is a difficult process that can take months to resolve. Better to keep track of your ticket and avoid that hassle and expense altogether.
Once you board the aircraft, locate the emergency exits. If you?re not seated by one, count how many rows forward or backward to the nearest exit row. You?ll be able to feel your way to safety even if the plane is completely dark.
Lost luggage is as common as you think. In fact, six out of every 1000 bags are mishandled by the airlines. If you can?t find your luggage when you arrive, it?s more likely late than truly lost. Report your lost baggage before you leave the airport. The airline might even be able to tell you that your bag is on the next flight and can arrange to deliver it to you when it arrives.
Sleep soundly.

Locate the fire exits. The escape routes are posted on the back of the door to your room.
Know where your room key is at all times.
When you?re in the room, always keep your door locked and chained. Use the peephole before answering the door.
Lock all the luggage you leave in your room during the day. Don?t hesitate to use the hotel safe?just make sure you get a receipt for your belongings

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