External Li-Ion Battery for Cameras & Camcorders
Extra high capacity camera battery power Built-in 5-LED power remaining indicator Interchangeable plugs fit most cameras Unique attachment to bottom of camera - so no long trailing wires Charger unit includedThis high capacity (2000mAh) lithium-ion battery is an ideal battery back-up for your digital camera or camcorder. The clever design allows attachment to the tripod mount (threaded socket) in the base of your camera, yet still allows the camera to be tripod mounted, if desired. The battery is supplied with a connecting lead that has interchangeable connectors (plug numbers 1, 2 and 4) that will fit most cameras DC power socket. Also included is a special very compact charger that can be powered from the mains adaptor supplied, or any external 12 - 24Vdc supply. Pressing the small button on the side of the battery at any time will light up a series of LEDs that indicate the remaining charge level. Separate plugs for other digital cameras available separately. Plug no 3 - L92AQ Plug no 15 - L93AQ Plug no 16 - L94AQ Plug no 10 - L95AQ Plug no 8 - L96AQ

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