Fiber Optic Bridge extends firewire to 500 m
Fiber Optic Bridge extends firewire to 500 m.
Fiber Optic Bridge extends firewire to 500 m.

October 1, 2004 08:17 - Model FB1394B can connect any standard firewire device to host computer up to ? km away over IEEE-1394B fiber optic. Applications requiring long cables, such as security installations, traffic monitoring, and hazardous environment imaging, will find product useful. Typical application would be industrial installation where firewire-based camera located in harsh environment on factory floor is connected to computer located in distant control room.

Prosilica Extends Firewire to 500 Meters

Prosilica FB1394B Fiber Optic Bridge Set

Vancouver, BC (September 21, 2004) C Prosilica Inc. announces availability of the FB1394B Fiber Optic Bridge that extends standard firewire transmission to 500 meters over IEEE-1394B fiber optic. Firewire is normally limited to 4.5 meters. Any standard firewire device can be connected via Prosilica's FB1394B Fiber Bridge to a host computer that is up to half a kilometer away.

Applications requiring especially long cables, such as security installations, traffic monitoring, and hazardous environment imaging will find Prosilica's FB1394B an especially useful product. A typical application for the FB1394B Fiber Bridge would be an industrial installation where a firewire-based camera located in a harsh environment on the factory floor is connected to a computer located in a distant control room. In traffic imaging applications a firewire-based camera located high on a traffic pole communicates with a host computer that is located on the ground. Cameras located at each quadrant of an intersection can be connected to a single host computer.

The FB1394B Fiber Bridge consists of two units which are also available separately as the FA1394B Fiber Adaptor. The FA1394B Fiber Adaptor is especially useful for connecting Prosilica's CV640F and CV1280F cameras, which have direct fiber optic output, to a standard firewire port. In this configuration, the optical fiber output of Prosilica's camera connects to a FA1394B Fiber Adaptor that is connected directly to a host computer through a standard 1394A or 1394B firewire cable.

Prosilica will be exhibiting at the Vision 2004 show with SVS Vistek, in Stuttgart, Germany (October 19-21, 2004). Visitors to the show are encouraged to come by the booth (Hall 4, number 4.0.213) to see Prosilica's products in action.

Prosilica designs and manufactures Firewire-based (IEEE-1394) cameras with advanced triggering, sophisticated controls, industrial ruggedness, ease-of-use, and extreme versatility. Camera products include: high-framerate (120 fps), high-resolution (megapixel), and direct fiber-optic output (IEEE-1394b-optical with cable lengths of up to 500 meters).

For more information contact Prosilica - Tel: 604-875-8855,

Marty Furse, CEO

Prosilica Inc.

Suite 110 - 8988 Fraserton Court

Burnaby, B.C. Canada, V5J 5H8

Tel: 604-875-8855

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General Information:
Marty Furse CEO
Phone: 604-875-8855
FAX: 604-875-8856

Company Information:
Name: Prosilica Inc.
Address: 110 - 8988 Fraserton Court
City: Burnaby
State: BC
ZIP: V5J 5H8
Country: Canada
Phone: 604-875-8855

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