FinePix E550 Digital Camera (6.3MP, 4048x3040, 4x Opt, 16MB xD-Picture Card) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Fuji
Model: 43860102
Max Focal Length: 28.8 mm
Max Horizontal Image Resolution: 4048 pixels
Max Aperture: 8 1/f
: Number of User Reviews: 28

Reviewed by: speaklightly from OR on Aug 21, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Well priced, 6+mp, all features including raw image

Weaknesses: This camera uses 2 AA cells in a hurry

Summary: As a professional digital camera lecturer, I must admit that the Fuji E-550 was a very pleasant surprise for me. Priced at about $340, this digital camera produced digital photos that were much sharper, more detailed, and more excellent than I, frankly expected.

I found the digital camera very easy to use right out of the box. While this digital camera does have a 12mp interpolated image size available, I found the 6mp native image size to have more contrast, detail and resolution.

As you might expect in a consumer digital camera, the digital camera's flash is not very powerful. At 200 ISO it will produce excellent exposures out to 13 feet. By adding a supplementary slave flash such as the Sony HVL-FSL1B and a bit of flash compensation, I was able to extend the effective flash range out to 25 feet, making the Fuji E-550 useful for indoor photos of large groups.

The Fuji E-550 does an equally amazing job with macro or close-up digital photos. It will focus quite close making it very effective for photos of small items and jewelery that might be photographed for sale on auction sites such as

The strongest suit for the Fuji E-550 is it ability to record a great deal of detail with extreme sharpness and clarity while being handheld. The Fuji E-550 is also very capable of taking excellent night photos when it is placed on a tripod.

All in all, I was extremely impressed with the Fuji E-550. I received a lot more digital camera than I expected for the samll price of $340. For those who like to use the raw image format, you will understand that you can essentially re-take the digital photo all over again right in your computer. This is a huge advantage.

Of course, being a Fuji digital camera, the Fuji E-550 uses the somewhat more expensive XD electronic data chips. However, the Fuji E-550 is very speedy. From power on to being ready to take the first digital photo takes 1.4 seconds. This digital camera is equally as fast in writing your digital photo to the XD chip.

The newer Fuji digital cameras are marketed to compete dollar for dollar with the Kodak line of digital cameras. Therefore, they tend to be very competitive with Kodak and offer in most cases, a lot more features.

There is available for the Fuji E-550 an adaptor as well as both a wide angle and a telephoto (1.9X) supplementary lens. The supplementary lenses are very fairly priced and readily available through Fuji's own website. This is a pleasant contrast to the accessories offered by Sony, through their own website, whose wide angle and telephoto supplementary lenses are unreasonably high in price.

Conclusion: The Fuji E-550 is a top quality digital camera. It more capable than most might expect. In addition, it is quite small and pocket sized, extending its appeal to many more digital camera users. It is worthy of your attention. The digital photos produced by this digital camera are amazing and compare most favorably with much more expensive consumer digital cameras. I would happily purchase this camera again.

I will be very confident in introducing the Fuji E-550 to the attendees of my workshops all over the world. It is a digital camera that I can point to with a lot of pride, simply because it gives the digital camera user many features and excellent digital photos for a very resonable price.


Reviewed by: jnaut from KS on Dec 19, 2004

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Great for point and shoot, Many advanced settings, Small, Works on 2 AA batteries.

Weaknesses: No twistable LCD, No Auto pop-up flash.

Summary: (Edited December 22nd by jnaut) I got this camera 3 days ago and I highly recommend it. Great for point and shoot in the 6 scene settings and has an option for manual settings for the experienced photographers. It is small enough to fit in your cargos but not in a jeans pocket. The power button is slightly concealed so it is difficult for small kids to turn it on and off. Great grip if you are a right hander. 6MP is a plus, in case you want to blow up some of the vacation photos. I had to buy a 256MB memory card as the 16MB card included in the package is too small. I was able to get about 60 photos(using flash for all and the LCD) from a single charge. Most menu choices are intuitive.

There are few negatives. It has no twistable LCD. Check the Cannon A95 if this feature is important for you. Flash pop-up is not automatic, you have to press a button to manually open it each time. Considering most family photos are indoors this is an inconvenience. Fuji should have integrated the flash in the body.

Reviewed by: coelloj from FL on Sep 28, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: 6.3 mp 4X zoom fast start up and recycle time.

Weaknesses: XD picture card (more costly than others) only comes with a 16mb card. You'll need something much bigger unless you carry your laptop to download them constantly.

Summary: Great value for the price. 4X optical zoom is great. Ability to record 12mp RAW images is a plus (you need a big memory card for these) Well built and small size make it a great enthusiast camera. The start up and recycle time are really quick. I did extensive research and dollar for dollar you cant beat the Fuji E550...

Reviewed by: Eyemgruvin from NY on Nov 21, 2004

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: Sharp photos, great feel, large screen.

Weaknesses: Small memory card for 6 megapixel, XD memory is a little expensive.

Summary: I am very happy I chose this camera. Plenty of camera for the money. Pictures are sharp. Exposure is good. Very comfortable feel. While it comes with a small memory card, what digital camera doesn't. I am going to buy a 512mb card and solve that. XD memory is a bit more expensive than other media though. Those of you that like to shoot small video clips, keep in mind that the E550 records at 30fps while most others are at only 12-15 fps. Other reviews felt the menu was complicated but I disagree. I went out to shoot without even glancing in the manual and figured out fill flash, resolution, etc. Unless you have a lot of memory cards in another format, I just couldn't see anyone not buying this camera if this is their price range.

Reviewed by: zinniaseven from CO on Sep 22, 2004

Experience: 15 Days

Strengths: The picture quality is awesome and the flexibility of using it is impressive.

Weaknesses: No weaknesses have been found at this time.

Summary: This is the finest digital camera I have owned. The manual provides very clear instructions for the myriad of functions that are possible. Like most digital cameras, a moderate supply of quality batteries is recommended as well as a significantly larger XD memory card. I am very comfortable with a 256MP unit.

Reviewed by: sm2004 from TN on Oct 22, 2004

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Ease of use, picture quality, use of AA batteries, rechargeable or Alkaline, shutter speed, flash, select mp for individual pictures, great macro feature! Individual image protect.

Weaknesses: Still a bit bulkier than I originally wanted to purchase, but given the quality and features - minor issue.

Summary: I was looking for a camera that offers good battery life, decent shutter speed, and definitely light-weight, small. Every camera I originally considered was dwarfed by the E550 when I saw the picture quality side by side in a store. Well worth the extra money. I have taken pictures indoors and out, people, flowers, an exploded rock, landscape, with and without macro. I am thrilled with the quality. It took quite some time to get the software loaded, but it is easy to navigate. Couldn't be happier about my purchase!!!

Reviewed by: samavedy on Dec 22, 2004

Experience: 21 Days

Strengths: Very fast startup, uses regular AA batteries, fairly small,option to add lenses, ability to take in RAW mode, great value for price, large 2 inch LCD screen

Weaknesses: Untethered cover for USB port, uses expensive xD Card, accessories are expensive, no cradle included, 16MB xD card is a joke, flash recharge time slightly slow, cannot zoom while in video mode.

Summary: I tried a Samsung Digimax 530, Olympus C60 and this one. I was looking for a compact digital camera which will be easy to carry instead of an SLR, take fast pictures of my 2year old, easily upload to my HTPC to see on TV and for my wife to make prints comparable to our Olympus point and shoot camera.
Compared to the other two, Fuji starts superfast, especially when in wide angle mode, like under 2s. The camera has options to adjust ISO all the way to 800 ( though only 3MP a that level) and the pictures even then are rel

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