Finger Print Control for Home Automation

"Uk Biometrics have brought a biomtric scanner out which can control your lights, garage, alaram or even your door, it can be incorparated in to almost everything

The FP3000 consists of an inside unit (for control, capturing and removing users) and a scanning unit (to capture and encode the fingerprint data). Both units are connected by means of codes from the time they are initilised. The inside unit is connected to a 220-240 V/AC power source as well as a four-core cable to the scanner.

The authorized user places his/her finger on the scanner. The key code is checked and the door or the device being accessed is activated. No data will be lost in cases of electricity.

Possible applications:

  • Home door and/or garage locks.
  • Companies up to 99 employees.
  • Garages or public parking garages up to 99 persons

  • Toilets Work
  • Added Cot Cam
  • Always open; always closed
  • Remote video monitoring on the job
  • Doorbells Work
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