First Free Car Lease Transfer Marketplace Launched

The first free car lease transfer marketplace is launched. Aims to provide drivers a place to list their car lease for transfer for free or to take over a lease for free.

April 20, 2005 -- The first of its kind, Easyrelease has officially launched with the goal of creating a vibrant marketplace for drivers looking to transfer out of their car lease or take over great lease deals. Drivers can now post their car lease for transfer on Easyrelease USA with all the functions of conventional pay sites for free. Each listing will get its own page containing all the particulars regarding the lease and vehicle. The obvious benefits are that the service is free and it aims to provide drivers a targeted audience for their vehicle.

As for drivers looking to take over a car lease, the website provides them the ability to search a desire vehicle lease by state, make, model, and sort their results by months remaining and payments. Once registered, buyers can contact as many drivers as desired for free. There are no "credit check" fees, no registration fee, and no requirement for credit cards.

Given the burdens of the lease itself and uncertainty about the ability to transfer the lease after paying for the listing on conventional sites, Easyrelease is offering an alternative solution to car leasing.

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