First Robot Vacuum Cleaner to Work on Stairs
Our friends over at Tech Digest are reporting on the next version of the Electrolux Trilobite...

"Remember the Electrolux Trilobite from last year? You know the robot vaccum cleaner that sold for a rather hefty £1000. Well the company has just unveiled a second version. Like its predecessor the Trilobite 2.0 is packed with sensors to help it intelligently work its way round a room. It can also find its way back to its stand when it runs out of juice for a recharge. The key differences are that the new model includes sensors that will let it clean stairs (killing all our gags about it being like a Dalek) and it can now be programmed to clean at certain times.

Also Electrolux has ditched the original's slightly garish red finish and replaced it with a more tasteful metallic green...

No news yet on price and availability."

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