Flush Mount Eyeball Pinhole Video Security Camera

The EB-2 is worlds smallest dome security camera. It can be flush mounted on a ceiling or wall as is, and few people will suspect that it is a video camera. Or place it behind a concealment in the traditional pinhole manner. It is only 1.83 in diameter by only 1.6 high. Resolution is a super sharp 410 lines and low light rating is a very stealthy 0.05 lux. This camera can almost see in the dark. The high quality, rugged housing is all aluminum. Full eyeball camera angle adjustment and a clever lock function. Power requirement is 9-15 volts DC at 100 milliamps. Comes with easy instructions, pre-installed plug and play video cables, 1 year warranty and 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

  • 410 lines of resolution
  • 70 degree field of view
  • 9-15 volts DC, 100 mA

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