Frame Grabbers handle more cameras
Frame Grabbers handle more cameras.

May 31, 2002 09:24 - Viper-CamLink and PC-CamLink are now compatible with Basler A202K monochrome area scan camera, Perkin Elmer LD3500 Series digital line scan cameras, and Toshiba IK-SX1 mega-pixel digital camera. Applications include robotic vision, microscopy, bar code reading, semiconductor inspection, document scanning, dimensional gauging, biomedical imaging, bar code scanning, and high-speed assembly line inspections.

Extended Camera Support for CamLink Series

Coreco Imaging has announced extended camera support for their Viper-CamLink and PC-CamLink digital frame grabbers. The following new cameras have recently been interfaced:

o Basler A202K

o Perkin Elmer LD3500 Series

o Toshiba IK-SX1


Basler's A202K new monochrome, area scan camera is now supported by both the Viper-CamLink (frame grabber for Medium and Full Camera Link cameras) and PC-CamLink (frame grabber for Base Camera Link cameras). This camera's most impressive feature for machine vision OEMs is its ability to offer one of the highest area scan frame rates available in a megapixel camera (48 fps at full megapixel resolution). With a choice of different integration modes as well as adjustable gain and offset, the A200 series is one of Basler's most flexible new product lines. Super compact in design, the camera also features asynchronous full frame shutter, high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio. All camera settings can be changed using simple programming commands via a serial port. When used with the CamLink Series, these products are ideal for applications such as robotic vision, microscopy, bar code reading and semiconductor inspection, to name a few.


New from Wellesley, Ma. based camera vendor, Perkin-Elmer is the LD3500 Series, a new line of low-cost digital line scan cameras featuring Camera Link video output with resolutions of 512, 1024 or 2048 pixels, to achieve data rates of up to 20 or 40 MHz with exceptional noise immunity. The LD3500 is designed for high volume machine vision applications where compactness and low cost are primary requirements. The cameras feature adjustable gain levels and when combined with the CamLink series are built to deliver consistent, reliable performance in a variety of harsh environments and factory floor conditions in industrial applications such as: lumber processing, non-contact measurement, document scanning, dimensional gauging, biomedical imaging and bar code scanning.


The CamLink series frame grabbers now also support the IK-SX1, Toshiba's new value priced mega-pixel digital camera. A monochrome camera the IK-SX1 provides 1.4 MB images at 15 frames/second from a 2-cubic inch package and features partial scan output up to 60 fps, adjustable gain and an 8-step electronic shutter from 1/15 to 1/50,000 second. The camera uses the latest progressive scan technology and is fitted with a c-Mount lens. When used together the IK-SX1 and CamLink Series frame grabbers provide a powerful, cost-sensitive solution for demanding high-speed assembly line inspection applications.

To learn more about camera support functionality for the Vipers Series, PC Series or other Coreco Imaging frame grabbers, visit our camera search database at today!

Company Information:
Name: Coreco Imaging
Address: 6969 Trans-Canada Highway
City: St. Laurent Quebec H4T 1V8
State: CD
Country: Canada
Phone: 514 333 1301
FAX: 514 333 1388

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