Geometrix Releases ActiveID Biometric Identity System

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Geometrix, Inc., a world leader in 3D biometric identity solutions, announced successful launch of its ActiveID Biometric Identity System, featuring patented FaceVision 3D facial recognition technology. Combining the convenience of non-contact facial recognition with identification accuracy approaching fingerprint systems, Geometrix ActiveID systems are bringing new levels of identity management capability to small and large-scale border, airport, military, prison, and commercial identity management systems.

The Geometrix ActiveID product family includes the world's only passive 3D biometric camera, plus a scalable and easily customizable set of software products for identity management including multi-biometric enrollment, verification against a claimed identity, and identification of an individual within a database. According to David West, Geometrix CEO, "In head-to-head tests, Geometrix ActiveID systems outperform any face recognition alternative. In the real world where success is much tougher to achieve, satisfied customers in challenging locations such as prisons are reporting 'zero errors' at the solution level after almost a year of use and nearly 100,000 identity transactions. I don't believe any company has ever deployed face recognition systems for high-security identity management that scaled this large and performed this well."

Geometrix ActiveID solutions are specified to operate at 2% equal error rates or better, and designed to perform in a wide range of illumination including direct sunlight. Available as a complete solution or in highly configurable products for integrators, the product family includes:

-- ActiveID Enrollment System: Automated software extracts a compact biometric template from the 3D facial model, and stores it in an industry- standard encrypted database for use in medium to high security identity systems. Personal data screens are easily user-customized, and options include smart card integration, automated duplicate ID searches, and multi-biometric fusion with fingerprint, iris, or voice.

-- ActiveID Verifier: High-speed precise one-to-one matching software verifies a claimed identity against that individual's record in the database, for typical facility access control applications. It cannot be spoofed by pictures, video, masks, or other disguises.

-- ActiveID Verifier Plus: Includes verification capability plus an extended alias/duplicate ID capability that automatically performs a one-to- many database search after the one-to-one search is complete. A critical security feature in any large-scale system, the software searches the entire database of enrolled subjects for possible aliases and close matches. If a duplicate ID or close match is located that could suggest an identity swap, the subject is denied access, allowing for additional review by security professionals.

-- ActiveID Identifier: Enables fast identification by searching for a live person within a large database of 3D facial templates. Following template generation, searches may be performed at speeds of 1 million records per second.

-- ActiveID Identifier Plus: Includes Identification capability and after the one-to-many search is complete if the individual is not found, they are automatically enrolled in the database.

-- ActiveID Biometric Camera: A unique and patented 3D stereo camera system that precisely senses depth at up to a million points on a face using no lasers or structured light. The rugged, permanently calibrated sensor module contains no moving parts, and delivers precise 3D models as well as calibrated 2D images suitable for ID card or forensic use. It can be wall or kiosk-mounted.

The complete ActiveID product line is now available from Geometrix and its integration partners, with numerous systems now in use by government and commercial entities. Geometrix invites inquiries from government and large- scale commercial users worldwide, and welcomes inquiries from additional qualified systems integrators seeking the highest performance facial identity management solution available.

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