Global Institute of Logistics votes TNT Italia as 'Best 3PL in Italy'


TNT Logistics Italia has been named the leading third party logistics provider in Italy by the Global Institute of Logistics to honour its contribution to the development of the sector.

April 30, 2004 -- Following a detailed correlated research and selection process into leading providers of supply chain and third party logistics services in Europe the Institute has put together its choice for leading logistics providers across the region. The comprehensive study conducted by the research Department of the Institute over the last year draws for a significant part on a quality-ranking system based on responses provided by concerned parties within the Global logistics end-users sector.

Lead analyst at the Institute Siobhan Kelly in her capacity as team leader of the Institutes G50 programme said in support of today's announcement:

"The research department examined the European logistics sector country by country and established its choice of the leading 3PLs in each state. The outcome of the study then saw one company being selected as the choice of the Awards Committee of the Institute as the leading logistics provider by country.

The awards are to honour those 3PLs that have helped clients save money and sell more. It is on that pragmatic basis that award-winners can be regarded as the best in the business.

On conclusion of its research on the Italian market and following careful analysis of the quality and value provided by the principal logistics service providers in Italy TNT Logistics emerged as the unanimous choice of the Awards Committee for best Italian 3PL, among the 7 biggest Logistics operators. Their clients speak of a company that is customer focused, easy to work with and sensitive to the client needs. They are considered a high quality and full service operator."

The purpose of the study was:
1. To set forth criteria and procedures for developing and maintaining a wider classifying blueprint for assessing the key principles governing material flow in the Global logistics and transport sector and to highlight the unity of different functions on the supply chain, together with inventory management, capacity utilization and 'movement', which reflect the basics of logistics.

2. To establish which organisations on the supply side of the manufacturing equation displayed an ability to react most quickly to the changing face of logistics and make the most significant contribution to lean manufacture, that is delivering only what is needed by the customer, when it is needed in the quantities ordered. This method of manufacturing is done in a way that minimizes the time taken to deliver the finished goods, the amount of labour needed, the floor-space required and it does it with the highest quality, usually at the lowest cost. This system changes manufacturing from large batch processing to product based, one-at-a-time flow production.

3. To investigate the role played by logistics providers in developing outbound solutions for manufacturing and the components of the supply chain that ensure the flow of goods from origin to consumption. The ability of the provider must be to maintain the materials management functions of the supply chain, taking a product from the point of concept through delivery to the customer. Value added services and understanding and incorporating customer requirements into supply-chain processes are all essential elements of supply-chain management and those providers that satisfy clients needs contribute to the development of the sector as a whole.

Commenting on today's announcement Kieran Ring C.E.O at the Global Institute of Logistics said:

"The quality of feedback that Institute Researchers received when speaking with TNT Logistics Italian clients made a compelling case for our decision. Each partner Chief Logistics Officer at TNT client companies spoke of the spirit of cooperation and integration intrinsic to their relationship with TNT Logistics in Italy.

In Italy TNT Logistics has managed to combine its own core brand in the Italian Market with its most recent acquisitions very well and the real evidence of this is its ability to bid for and win contracts within sectors that the company would not traditionally have been associated with.

We are delighted to make today's announcement and feel that by designating TNT Logistics as the Best 3PL in Italy we are setting the standard for others in the Italian marketplace to follow."

Reacting to today's announcement Mr. Gianfranco Sgro, TNT Logistics Italy Managing Director said:

" We are honored to receive the Best 3PL in Italy Awards. This Award represent a wide recognition of the various aspects of TNT Logistics quality approach by the Global Institute of Logistics. We are pleased to know what our clients and partners perceive about the quality of our services."

About TNT Logistics in Italy
TNT Logistics is in Italy a leading provider of logistics supply chain solutions.

In 1999 TNT Logistics Italy acquired Tecnologistica, a company specialising in the field outsourced logistics services in Italy and Southern Europe. This acquisition provided TNT with local knowledge needed to effectively compete in the marketplace. In 2001 the group acquired ALS Group, an extremely experienced company operating in the distribution and logistics sectors since 1960. The acquisition of ALS provided TNT Logistics Italy with double strategic value: on one side TNT Logistics Italy strengthened its position of leader in the fields of the consumer electronics, telecommunications and utilities; and on the other side, the company's international capability widened the offer of Pan-European distribution and logistics solutions.

To face the changing exigency of the Market, recently TNT Logistics in Italy has been structured into two different Business Unit.

TNT Logistics Italy, focused on consumer goods, high tech sectors, telecommunications and utilities, and TNT Automotive Logistics, which provide logistics services for inbound and spare parts distribution in the automotive sector.

TNT Logistics designs, implements and operates complex supply chain solutions on a national, regional or global scale. TNT Logistics is the second largest provider of out-sourced logistics solutions in the world and has operated in Italy since 1994. The company offers a mix of dedicated distribution services with shared user networks in Italy where it focuses on the automotive sector, where it is the market leader, and it has been growing its operations in the consumer goods and high tech sectors.

TNT Logistics is in Italy also a major player in the spare parts aftermarket supplying both vehicle manufacturers and first tier suppliers. They provide customers with Inbound Logistics services, Outbound Logistics services, Finished Goods Distribution, Spare Parts Logistics and Reverse Logistics.

Primary Research
"In Italy, TNT Logistics is perceived to be a very big company and is competitively priced. TNT Logistics in Italy uses the best available IT solutions. Despite its size, the company has a fair approach to the market and has a good relationship with its clients." - AILOG C Ms Donatella Rampinelli, Logistics Director

"The contract was awarded because of the particular attention paid to product security, given the high retail value of the goods being transported. TNT Logistics Italy has already put systems in place to enhance security, making structural changes to warehouses, installing cameras thorought and setting up a CCTV system linked to an operations centre capable of rapid response to security breaches." - T.R.S. Evolution S.p.A. (Trussardi) C Flavio Bonaita, Logistics Manager

"I consider TNT Logistics Italy's services to be very good. They are:
Customer focussed, Easy to work with, Sensitive to our needs, A high quality operator, A full service provider" - Siemens Informatics C Antonio Negri

"For many years TNT Logistics has been local delivery specialist for Hitachi in Italy. There are close and historic relationships with our local sales force." - Hitachi European Logistics Management C Simon Baker

About the Global Institute of Logistics
The Global Institute of Logistics is the global forum for the 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) industry. The forum serves its members by providing the platform for discussion and debate on the issues affecting the third party logistics industry, both regionally and globally.

Membership is drawn from the world's 3rd party logistics community and is by invitation. Participants are organisations who have met the necessary standards for membership and that have been identified through the Institutes G50 programme. The G5O programme aims to establish the worlds leading logistics providers territory by territory across the globe.

The Institute acts as an intelligence-gathering agency and disseminates this information in the form of daily news reports and briefings via this website and our journal "RELAY".

The Institute promotes third party logistics to end-users through its circulation of regional and global reports. Our reports examine the changing face of the logistics industry and include profiles on leading regional 3PL's. These profiles are supported by case studies demonstrating logistics in action and illustrating the cost-cutting, sales-building achievements of the world's best 3PLs.

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