Guide to Security System Design and Equipment Selection
Security: A Guide to Security System Design and Equipment Selection and Installation, 2nd is the first comprehensive reference for electronic security systems. In eight chapters, it guides the reader through selection, installation, testing, and maintenance of security equipment in 35 categories, from interior and exterior sensors to security systems, The uninformed purchaser, the security-conscious manager, and the novice security practitioner will find that this book demystifies the "black art" of security systems design via clear descriptions of operation principles and extensive practical advice. The more knowledgeable reader will find a unique reference and compendium of information usually found in many separate sources. Each device explained in this book is broken down into sections covering its principles of operation, uses, applications, equipment types, and advantages and disadvantages. This important reference outlines the data objectively, enabling the reader to independently make informed judgments about competing bids or proposals, compile a brief, and design or maintain a security system.
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