H320 20GB MP3 Player (20GB Internal Hard Drive) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Iriver
Model: H320
: Number of User Reviews: 22

Reviewed by: amipurohit from NY on Apr 17, 2005


Strengths: color screen,great sound,no software needed to download music

Weaknesses: bulky

Summary: Its the best player you can find in the market now. Trust your instinct and its many times better than the ipod.I am using it for a month and I am really happy abt it.

Reviewed by: TheResearchTruth from NJ on May 8, 2005

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Nice color screen, good sound quality, drag and drop song manipulation

Weaknesses: Iriver support, poor product documentation, lack of intuitive controls, connectivity options are more limited than I expected

Summary: I have owned this mp3 pllayer for about 2 months and, for the most part, I am pleased with my purchase. Having done a great deal of research prior to buying, I am surprised that few owners discussed the real pluses and minuses of the player. The following is my opinion concerning the player (thumbs up) and Iriver (thumbs down). On the plus side, the player has a beautiful color screen. Even small text (and there is much of it) is easy to read. The fm radio player is also nicely displayed. The sound quality of the player is very good. The text viewer and photograph viewers are unknown to me since I have little interest in using the player for these purposes. The included headphones sound good, but you will lose the foam pieces that sit on the ear buds very shortly after you begin using the player. The car fm transmitter that I purchased was a disappointment. I live near a major city and the static was tangible. The line out cord is not appropriate for use with most stereos, although it is possible to buy a separate line out cord that will have the correct connections to your home stereo system ONE MAJOR DETRACTION*** - Iriver support was nonexistent. I had difficulty getting the mp3 player to work on my older model computer. The 800 number that was prominently displayed when I opened the product box was completely useless. Iriver never picks up the phone -- I tried the number at least 8 times (at varying times during business hours) and always got a busy signal. Likewise, emailing Iriver through their website was not more succesful. Iriver didn't respond at all to my email. That said, I did finally get a new computer and the player works fine on the new computer. Overall, I am pretty happy will the player since it is very good in the areas that I find most important. However, the alleged connectivity to external devices that iriver boasts and many reviewers laud is a farce and Iriver, should you ever need to contact them, may leave you disappointed as it did me.

Reviewed by: D0CMARTIN from ND on May 2, 2005

Experience: 14 Days

Strengths: Big memory for the price, great display screen, outstanding features for the price.

Weaknesses: Not quite as intuitive as the more commercialized units but to be expected with all of the added features

Summary: I did a lot of research before I invested in an MP3 player.
I was very satisfied with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate to reccommend it to anyone else looking for a top notch player that holds a ridiculous amount of music, picture, movies (yes. movies!) voice recordings etc. It is a very flexible unit and can be configured to suit your needs with the various firmware available. There is an excellent support community that will help to answer any questions about the player which also offers many great tips on its use as well as accessories that work well with it.

Reviewed by: CAsunshine from CA on Apr 3, 2005

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: long battery life, pictures view function, built-in FM tuner, no need of software installation, easy to upload music and other files, etc.

Weaknesses: can't read the normal text file transfered from my PC, but no big deal

Summary: I bought an mp3 player of a different brand last year, which was broken easily, while my older iriver mp3 player works still very well now. But since it has only 256M storage capacity, it's time to upgrade it. I planned to choose one between ipod and iriver. And after some research, I still decide to buy this irver H320, because of its much more functions.
And now I have it. This is really a great mp3 player. And I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

Reviewed by: tchariya from IL on Dec 16, 2004

Experience: 4 Days

Strengths: go to www.amazon.com and do a search on H320 or H340 and read my review under tchariya.

Weaknesses: So, the NEGATIVES (more like annoying to me) things about the H320/340. 1) I must be a greasy guy, because Im cleaning the finger prints from it a bit 2) coverting the videos to AVI can get time cons

Summary: I am writing this review as I listen to U2 C Hasta La Vista Baby album on my iRiver H320the sound is amazing. I have owned an eDigital Treo 15, then upgraded to a Creative Labs Zen Jukebox 20 w/FM Tuner. When I decided to upgrade, I took over 4 months researching for my next generation 1GB+ mp3 player purchase. What I was looking for was something that had storage space, on-board FM Tuner, recording capabilities and most importantly great sound. I considered Rio Karma, Creative Muvo2 w/hack 2GB CF card, iPod Mini, iPod, iPod Picture and a slew of other mp3 players available outside of the USA. I know some of my considerations didn't have all of the above, but I would have sacrificed space for sound, functionality for looks...etc. But just in the last few weeks, I came across this website www.misticriver.net . It is _THE_ user forum for iRiver products. I considered their mp3 flash devices, but not their hard drive based device, until I read their thread on how the H320/H340 can play video if you flash the bios with the European or the Korean or the Japanese bios upgrade. My jaw dropped! And it is still dropped...and Im still drooling. You have to understand....Im a closet geek. I like my electronic toys, I do my research and I recommend the heck out of products that impress me. I am going to do this now. First things first...go to the webpage above and read it for yourself. The H320/H340 plays converted video files. Thats right!!! Convert your DVDs to AVI files; transfer then to your H320/340 and boom.play your videos on your MP3 player. The website tells you exactly how to do it. I addition to DVDs, Ive converted several hour episodes of Stargate shows and have watched them on my H320. Ive got a whole slew of them queued up for my 4 hour flight to LA. So with that amazing ability out of the way, Ill briefly review the H320/H340 for you.

Reviewed by: fubu04 from CA on Dec 16, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: FM tuner, video playback, color screen, voice recorder photo viewer, etc., you know all the things that ipods don't have.

Weaknesses: Could use a little more intuitive operating system. Takes a little time scrolling through menus.

Summary: I was contemplating on what type of mp3 player to get. I finalized my decision to either the ipod or iriver h320. Sure the ipod is more aethetically pleasing, has the click wheel, and is the supposed gold standard for mp3 players. The H320 may not look as cool, be as nearly compact (a few millimeters in each dimension), or carry the name "ipod", but it beats out the ipod in its built-in features. It also has video playback capabilities provided you change your firmware. This mp3 player tops all others. Just wish it had a click wheel or something touch sensitive. You won't be disappointed with this.

Reviewed by: sar2803 from AR on Dec 12, 2004

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: So many options with great sound and many sources to choose from. Very easy to use and understand, color screen, long battery life.

Weaknesses: I really can't find any weaknesses other than the buttons are small and kinda hard to turn on and Iwould prefer a touch screen. Had trouble with the fm signal, but overall, would still purchase it.

Summary: Great product with lots of extras. THe battery lasts longer than most others on the market. Has a lot of extras for the price and so many features that it is well worth the money.

Reviewed by: metsfanforever from NY on Dec 11, 2004

Experience: 1 Weeks

Strengths: store pics and show it to others, mp3 player, store pics from camera, and voice recorder

Weaknesses: kind of big but all the stuff it has cancelles that out

Summary: (Edited December 11th by metsfanforever) i would definetely reccommend this product. this product is a must buy, you can show your friends photos and also record important things. you can carry it around like its a memory card to store your photos

Reviewed by: cvn74rmo from CA on Apr 17, 2005

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Over 18GB actual storage capacity, 2" LCD Color Display, great sound, and features for the price. Nice integration with Windows Media Player and MusicMatch software. WMP 10 required for DRM/Napster.

Weaknesses: The NAVI (navigation) button would be better as a five-way navigation system (like the newer PDAs). The NAVI commands always seem a bit awkward. Track number must be first in file name.

Summary: My second MP3 HD Player, purchased to replace a Samsung YH 920GS. Easily loaded my 4000+ track music collection at USB 2.0 Speed for the road. Had to use MMJB to get tracks renamed with track number first to play them in album order. The default sound from the H320 sounds WOW. Advanced settings allow adjustment of the low-mid-high ends of the music as well as increase the bass thump. Loading pictures onto H320 is easy, if they are not formatted for the H320 display, they appear good enough to show off (letterbox effect). But if reformatted, the pictures for the H320 turn out crisp on the 2" color display. ID3 tags (or not) show up nicely with a volume limit display for both channels. Text entry is easy using your PC, and can keep your "reward if lost" message. I added the cradle and remote as options. The cradle allows connection to a PC using the supplied AC adapter and USB 2.0 cable. Cradle is great for home stereo connection, but only allows for data transfers and music purchased from online services uses a second "media" port. The Remote controls many of the basic functions of the H320, nice while you are trying to drive. A really cool method exists to play DVD length AVI video, but using the Non-US firmware upgrade to get this function voids the warranty.

Reviewed by: g3tAj0b from CA on Dec 4, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: 16 hours of battery life. Color screen!! sound is awsome. recording is clear. and you can see pictures!!

Weaknesses: the buttons are a lil hard. Kinda take a while to make it turn on. FM tuner is a lil hazy

Summary: much better than the ipod in my opinion. Have all the ipods feature plus more. it'll eventually repace the ipod if the h300 also have a touch sensitive pad

Reviewed by: rclaridge from TX on Jan 6, 2005

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: Roughly same size as iPod (just a little thicker), but unlike iPod it has FM Radio/built-in microphone/USB ext. drive function.

Weaknesses: Navigation is odd, but once you learn it ... no big deal. Included case does not allow access to buttons. New iRiver H10 will likely replace this player once the 20 gig size is released.

Summary: If you do not need an MP3 player over the next year, wait for the larger capacity H10's. However, if you are going to buy an MP3 player this year, you can't go wrong with the H320. It is just a little more expensive than other players, but the out-of-the-box functionality of the H320 more than makes up for the cost. If you purchased all of the iPod accessories required to get the H320 functionality, you would spend more and have a pile of components to deal with.

Reviewed by: DrDoug85 from CA on Jan 3, 2005

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: Excellent Battery Life! Sound quality is one of the best in class. Photo and video capablities just put it over the top.

Weaknesses: Slow menu scroll is only down side.

Summary: Would definatly buy again, line in capabilities make it great as a student to even record lectures. Battery life is completely unmatched and 16 hours is unbelieveable. IRiver Accessories are still hard to find but with impressive products like this, they well be the next leader in the industry.

Reviewed by: calbandgreat from CA on Jan 5, 2005

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: All The Specs, Sound Quality, Battery Life

Weaknesses: Scrolls a bit slowly. Doesn't come with remote. Bigger than an I-Pod.

Summary: The IRiver is amazing in terms of the great range of specs that it has. It has an FM radio, you can view pictures, text, you can record audio files like a lecture or you can record from the radio, AND the sound quality is really good for a device like this. Also, unlike an MP3 player like an I-Pod, the IRiver doesn't copyright your music when you put it on the player, which enables you to copy it onto other computers, and also makes it easy to obtain music for the player. You also upload music through dragging and dropping, instead of through a program, which makes things really simple, taking out that annoying extra step. It charges fairly quickly, and it took about an hour and a half to upload about 5 gigs of music. I've seen in other reviews that people have problems intuiting the ways that the control works, but for some reason I imagine these folks as older, or as not having grown up around technology. As someone that had computers around since 5th grade, I had no problem figuring out the controls.

My only complaints thus far are that scrolling through 1000+ songs takes a while as this player has a more conventional touch pad than the I-Pod touch sensor scroll wheel thing. It also doesn't come with a handheld remote, which can be annoying when you have to keep taking the thing out of the case or your pocket to change the song. But I plan on dropping the $20 to get the remote, I think it will be well worth it. Also, the size is bigger than an I-Pod but when you consider all the fun options you have, the size really isn't an issue.

Basically, if you're looking for a basic player that just does music, get something like an I-Pod (although the music copyrighting thing was enough to turn me away), but if you like fun gadgets like myself, this is definitely something that you'll enjoy.

Reviewed by: micjay22 from VA on Mar 9, 2005

Experience: 13 Days

Strengths: Size, weight, appeal (smaller than creative zen touch) Functionality (color screen, text viewing recording radio) Long battery life Nice sound quality Ease of transfering music files

Weaknesses: Button design/appearance Cheap contents in the box (no dock, remote) Stupid software and manual No wakeup timer Loading time Still no US firmware upgrades

Summary: Overall, I think the player is well worth the money, it has functionality and style. You are not buying for a brand name such as the iPod. Usually, when the brand is recognizable the company can charge a premium price. To counter the over-hyped, over-saturated, and over-price iPods, iRiver is your solution. The negative side in this review seems long, but they are really neck picking small details. As you can see, the biggest concerns are all positive.

Reviewed by: dshier89 from IL on Feb 18, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: This is an overall great player. It has video support for your favorite shows,when you upgrade firmware. The battery life and sound quality are 2x as good as most competitors. You'll love the screen.

Weaknesses: Not much to say here. It is a little bulky and it can only record in MP3.

Summary: Such a great player, the video and photos come in great compared to other players like archos. The sound quality is some of the best I've ever heard. It's a do it all player with a battery life that can range up to almost 18 hours when tested. It has a fm tuner that you can record from and also has line in/out for recording and playing on other speakers. The built in microphone along with the externe one are above average and the GUI is incredible. Besides the bulk and the buyyon layout, this thing is perfect.

Reviewed by: endepara on Jan 3, 2005

Experience: 1 Weeks

Strengths: well...I really searched for products with strength, awsome design, appropriate size....this product has it all

Weaknesses: Can't find any.

Summary: When I decided to use a MP3(my cdp crached by my supid friend) I was thinking of an apple's iPod....but my friend of mine told me products from S.Korea are good...so....I um got this MP3...(there was products made by SAMSUNG, LG, IRIVER)
Anyway, this thing is fascinating....I JUST LOVE IT

Reviewed by: krausem23 from OH on Dec 29, 2004


Strengths: NA

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: I love this mp3 player. I got it because it views pictures and is easily usable as a portable hard drive. I would recomend it to anyone who has a slight clue as to how to use a computer. its an amazing buy at its current price.

Reviewed by: JESSE44 from SC on Dec 27, 2004

Experience: 4 Days


Weaknesses: NONE AT THIS TIME.


Reviewed by: luisbarbery from NJ on Apr 11, 2005

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: video is a plus

Weaknesses: main buttons are too close

Summary: i would highly recommend to buy this product, good price and tons of features specially for the price that you paid.I have friends that owns Ipod i there is no close to compare. Sound quality is superb.

Reviewed by: mbertolo from CA on Dec 17, 2004

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: Easy to setup and simple to use. The quality is outstanding and the the price very resonable.

Weaknesses: Does not have a built-in FM tuner.

Summary: The iRiver H320 is an extremely easy MP3 player to use right out of the box. I read through the instructions once and everything worked perfectly as directed. Uploading and downloading music or media is a snap and the music playback quality is great! For the price this product can't be beat.

Reviewed by: lightloch from AL on Mar 3, 2005

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Incredible sound and equalizer options; upgradeable for video support; color screen; stellar FM tuner/recorder; sleek, light, and compact; voice recorder; hi-capacity Li-Poly battery. Much to list!

Weaknesses: User interface can be a tad (barely) tricky until you get a few minutes experience; included case doesn't have holes for buttons; no touch system (yet), but not a big deal.

Summary: This unit is simply INCREDIBLE! I own both this and a 4th-generation iPod (both 20-Gig models), and this player beats it hands down, in my opinion. Not only did I pay about $20 less, but I gained countless features.

First and foremost, the battery on this one lasts about 16 hours on full charge, which is about 4+ more hours than the iPod lasts. The Lithium Polymer battery also has a life expectancy of approximately 4+ years, which is a major break over iPod's 1-year $100 replacement system. It also features a beautiful color 2-inch LCD with over 246,000 color pixels.

One of my favorite features is the ability to just transfer your music (or whatever else) to the player by just copying and pasting via 'My Computer' or Windows Explorer. It is effectively a portable hard drive and player. No more messing with iTunes (though you can still use it, WMP, the included program, WinAMP, anything)!

As for looks, this thing is very satisfactory. It is about the same size as the iPod, but a little thicker. Many pictures on the net (and its own box) make it look much bigger than it really is.

With a simply firmware update to the Korean (still English) 1.27 version, you can gain the ability to play .AVI files (many programs available for free on the net can convert multiple video sources to the necessary format, check out some iRiver message boards for this and even customizable skins/user interfaces).

Regarding the equalizer, you can use modes like 'SRS Wow!', normal, UltraBass, special music modes, and more. The FM tuner works very well, and even allows you to record from it. The built-in mic & voice recorder is simple to use.

For music formats, you can listen to MP3s, OGG, WMA, and more up to 320kbps max (more than enough).

I am listening to my player as I write this review =). I already want to buy another (probably the 40-Gig H340), but I am extremely happy with this one! Consider purchasing the player. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by: alexus13 from VA on Mar 1, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: You can watch movies on it, you have a build in FM Tuner and it has a nice-looking color screen

Weaknesses: a little bit thicker than ipod but still easy to carry around and it fits in your pocket

Summary: I love this thing!!! I mean, you can watch movies on it!!
thats like crazy. No other mp3 Player that i know can do that. another real nice thing is the 20 GB Harddrive. 600 hours of music is more then enough. And its sound quality. its great. Better than ipod and way better than other players I've heard of.

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