HP (Hewlett-Packard) iPAQ hx4705 PDA - Security Camera User Rating
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Description:If you need a versatile and reliable, go-everywhere business tool, check out the HP iPAQ hx4705. Notice its beautiful 4" high-resolution display. You also get feature-rich applications, wireless options, and enhanced security. Top it off wi.Reviewed by: drbrdr from NY on Feb 21, 2005

Experience: 60 Days

Strengths: fast processing; fast and flexible IR transmissioin (supports upto 4mbps); large screen with beautiful display; quick easy conversion from portrait (vertical) screen display to landscape (horizontal)

Weaknesses: touch pad takes practice; cursor mode easiest to use.

Summary: Using the hx4705 increases the enjoyment of my work day. It is fast (most responses are instantaneous or nearly so) and reliable (at most 1 soft reset per day--and it has never crashed at a "critical" moment), and the display produces text, colors and images faithfully.) I primarily use Pocket Outlook, Pocket Word, and Pocket Excel programs to process large Task lists and Contact lists (hundreds of items of each) and complex spread sheets; manipulation of these lists and spreadsheets is almost always instantaneous. There is also plenty of memory: I currently have 6 full-size reference books installed, and I plan to install more. It's capability for fast IR (4mbps) communication makes ActiveSync'ing and backing up quick and unencumbering. (However, when I transmit to a mobile printer in Fast IR that is supposed to accept Fast IR, occasionally text is garbled--I was told that this "must be" a problem with the HP Mobile Print software, but I'm not sure exactly what the problem is). Because the device has both CF and SD slots, I can (and did) install a 1GB CF card containing a 65,000-page textbook in the CF slot, and I can install an HP camera in the SD slot simultaneously. Because the hx4705 has LEAP, WiFI, 802.11b, USB, IR and Bluetooth capability, you can connect to just about any network or device you want to. If you have a wide spreadsheet display or picture, just press a button and the display quickly rotates from the standard vertical image to a wider horizontal image. The standard battery is long-lasting for me, too: with frequent text entry, data look-up, and printing throughout a 12-hour day, I get a low-battery warning only at the very end of the day (and only on unusually busy days).

Overall, I think the hx4705 is a superb (though expensive) PDA, and I would recommend it to anyone who plans to use a pda in a demanding, versatile manner.

Reviewed by: pjstreng from VA on Nov 24, 2004

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: Build quality, display, performance

Weaknesses: Hardware is ahead of the available software. Favorite apps (Mapopolis for example) don't function properly.

Summary: Much has already been written about how good this PDA is; and much has been written about how hard the touch pad is to use.

Initially, I didn't like the touchpad either. However, after using the unit for a month and getting used to the touchpad, I now find it to be superior to the old style input pad.

Reviewed by: chkuei from CO on Jan 12, 2005

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: Sharp LCD, Nice recording and playback

Weaknesses: Not found yet

Summary: It is the nice machine and I just switch from Sony Palm OS to Windows PPC because lots of GPS map systems support PPC (My Sony Palm PDA is not supported). Also, I will use hx4705 as a voice recorder and MP3 player on its dual expansion lots, the CF card and the SD card.

Reviewed by: Funkytown from MI on Feb 22, 2005

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: The screen is incredibly clear, even in bright daylight...best I've seen. Both compact flash and SD memory slots built-in... no bulky add-on necessary. Both Wi-Fi AND Bluetooth wireless!!!

Weaknesses: Just a touch on the heavy side.

Summary: I've had a number of pocket pc's... from the palm pilot to the HP jornada to the iPAQ, and this is by far the best one out there. I was a bit concerned over negative reviews I had read concerning the touch pad, but I have found it quite easy to use and love it. It allows you to actually be able to use it with it's protective cover on. Besides, there's always the stylus for when you prefer to use it. The wireless compatibility is great... and it makes it easy by walking you through setting it up to communicate with other devises. It is a bit heavier than other PDAs, but that's what you get for having a machine that does it all!

Reviewed by: natakho from VA on Apr 13, 2005

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: great clear image

Weaknesses: didn't find any yet

Summary: Overall it is a great PDA. It was a little hard to use the touch pad, but I have gotten used to it now. I think it may be because this is my first PDA and I wasn't used to it. But I use it all the time now for both work and entertainment (have tons of music downloaded already). Love this PDA!

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