Half-Life: Counter Strike (Full Product, PC) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Havas
Model: 71114
Required Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000|Microsoft Windows 95|Microsoft Windows 98|Microsoft Windows ME|Microsoft Windows NT|Microsoft Windows XP
Media Format: CD-ROM
: Number of User Reviews: 20

Reviewed by: PCmaster from WA on Nov 23, 2002

Experience: 3 Years

Strengths: Multi-Play is so much fun with alot of people!

Weaknesses: Since it is a few years old, you don't have the best quality of graphics

Summary: When your in Multi-Play, all you'r other thoughts/Fears go away, it's like your in your own little bubble and everything else that is going on around you is non-existant.
I highly recomend getting this game and for everyone who is saying "ohh, i don't know..." JUST GET IT!!!

Reviewed by: boris824 from WA on Jun 9, 2003

Experience: 3 Years

Strengths: Multiplayer is everything! Weapons are very realistic and maps get pretty intriguing.

Weaknesses: Some servers don't filter out cheaters and that gets annoying. It's easy to jump to another server though.

Summary: I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants a great game to hold onto to for a few more years. Tactic is much of the game, and having a team that can support that will make you the winning team. Go out and buy the game! I recommend it.

Reviewed by: Unrealnighthawk from AR on Jul 29, 2003

Experience: 2 Years

Strengths: great online game-play, the ability to buy weapons with your teams money adds a great edge

Weaknesses: age

Summary: This game is fairly old, but still only a couple games can compare. If you already have Half-Life, then CS is FREE to download! You can't beat that for the best game ever!

Reviewed by: Cal_bArNeY from IN on Jun 18, 2003

Experience: 8 Months

Strengths: First person shooter graphics, team communication, flexible and easy movement,many servers on the web.

Weaknesses: NONE

Summary: If you are a tactical game player than you will love this game, besides its great graphics and teammatecommunication, the game Maps are fun and very vissual to play on,the more you play this game the better you get and you will start to notice how you're skill evolves.The object of the game is to either, 1.Kill the opposite team, 2.save hostages(counter terrorist), 3.plant bomb (Terrorist), 4.try survive the round while still getting alot of kills.
I strongly RECOMEND this game to anyone who just wants to have fun for a few months or years.

Reviewed by: swat2091 from PA on Jan 6, 2002

Experience: 10 Months

Strengths: Awesome game. Takes on the HL game engine and gives it amazingly realizm. The guns have recoil, you die in only a few shots. Plus thousands of servers, maps and people to play on/with.

Weaknesses: The biggest weakness this game is trying to find the update. Counter-Strike.net is a good place to get it but all their Download servers are slow.

Summary: This is a MUST HAVE for ANY 1st person shoot. gamer. Unlimited replay value. Non of those Sci-fi guns. This game is undoubtably the best 1st person shooter ever. I used to use my friends game but we both had the same cd-key and couldn't play together. So i went to the store and bought my own when I could of just kept my friends. It's that good folks! Trust me, you'll enjoy this one for ages to come!

Reviewed by: Sp3cTrum from CT on Feb 25, 2003

Experience: 1 Years

Strengths: No shortage of people to play with. Plenty of working servers. Some neat, customizable features.

Weaknesses: Dreadfully painful to get an update...unless you have a FilePlanet premium server account. Lacks the feeling of community I have had in other games...with more than 5,000 servers, thats no suprise.

Summary: In short - weapon fuction is very realistic, with accurate recoil, and loading times. What kills the realism factor for me, is the physics. You jump entirely too high, and you don't walk, you sort of glide around everywhere. I would have enjoyed a single-player aspect of the game, where you could focus on a mission, to either save the day, or get the money and run. Multiplayer tries to accomplish this, however most of the time, the games boil down to a Team Deathmatch game.

Reviewed by: mrchen1987 on Jan 18, 2004

Experience: 14 Years

Strengths: It's the best of the best

Weaknesses: none

Summary: If you are FPS fans you got to be like it or you are not a FPS fan, the best about the game is realism and the fun there can't tell unless you play it!!!!!!!

Reviewed by: VwRFatal from CA on Sep 18, 2003

Experience: 3 Years

Strengths: Team-VwR!!!

Weaknesses: All others!!!

Summary: (Edited December 18th by VwRFatal) CS is by far the best game ever. The realism of this game is not like any other, the feel of guns & rifles are close to the real thing, the 3D sounds of EAX puts you in the game... Team work is inevitable, strategies, quickness, precision and communications are some of the basics of Counter-Strike. Or you can just kick back and talk s%$! on ppl all day until you owned....

Reviewed by: Raide on Jan 8, 2003

Experience: 2 Years

Strengths: It's a verry good first person game and your in your own little war world when you play it.

Weaknesses: Dont know.

Summary: Well you are a terrorist or counter terrorist and your mission is to kill your enemy ore if you are CT (counter terrorist) you should prevent the T (Terrorist) to plant a bomb and if they succeed with it you must defuse the bomb. In other missions CT have to rescue hostages and T prevent CT to succeed. And the last thing you can do is to be a VIP and try to escape as CT and terrorist have to kill the VIP to win.


Reviewed by: CKnapp1 from IA on Jan 16, 2002

Experience: 5 Months

Strengths: Amazingly well done graphics, sound effects, and maps. Very realistic and well done weapons taken from real-life examples.

Weaknesses: As with most online games, strategy and difficulty is dependant on the skill of the players. Many of whom use a run-shoot-kill mentality.

Summary: Overall I really enjoy this game. It gave Half-life a new life on my computer. Many scenarios to choose from (though most are simple plant/defuse the bomb) ensure a worthwhile gaming experience. I highly recommend it for anyone who loved Team Fortress or just loves Half-life.

Reviewed by: waze88 from MD on Aug 1, 2003

Experience: 3 Years

Strengths: Realism-gun recoil, movement, etc. Never gets old...EVER.

Weaknesses: Occasional hacker, d/l the patch

Summary: Of all computer games i've ever played this is the best, toping over 70 games such as warcraft starcraft diablo halflife rainbow6 redalert ETC. incredible gameplay, realisim, graphics, voice communication(yes you actually talk to opponents/allies). Also clans-usually teams of 6 or more people, bring teamwork to a new level, competing in leagues such as CAL ( www.caleague.com ) or even tournaments to win thousands of dollars such as the CPL (cyberathlete professional league). However, be warned that this game will take months even years to be a force in, especially if you cant play 24/7. however, losing or winning ive been playing for 3 years straight and wish i could pay more than 30 bucks to the creators of this game because i feel i ripped them off. AMAZING game, if you have any interest in computer games, this is an ABSOLUTE MUST!!

Reviewed by: WURUM from CA on Sep 17, 2002

Experience: 3+ Years

Strengths: Because the graphics engine that runs this game is now 4 years old, you don't have to have the latest hardware to run the game smoothly.

Weaknesses: As realistic as this game tries to be, there are some moves that players can make that are down right frustrating. No one I know can jump 3 feet in the air while carying a full sized machine gun.

Summary: Counter-Strike accomodates various playing styles. You can be successful at the game by using brute strength, finess or stealth. The best players have the ability to use all of these styles as the situation calls for it. There is no shortage of game servers on which to play this game. Last time I checked, there were more than 5,000.

It's a very addicting and fun game. You keep playing and playing trying to get back at the guy that just killed you.

Team work pays off big, so communication is key.

I highly recommend this game to anyone into the FPS genre and multiplyer gaming. There's nothing like going head to head with another human. Sometimes they are predictable but they never make the same mistake twice!

Reviewed by: zoglog from CA on Nov 3, 2004

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: My grandma can play it

Weaknesses: slow gameplay, camper strategies, did I mention slow gameplay, spray and pray strategies, unbalanced weapons, stiff gameplay.

Summary: Little known to people This mod originated when the modeler for Action quake 2 went off to do his own mod and copied many elements from Action Quake 2. However in the process they slowed the game down and put it on a stiff engine and slowed the game down making it virtually boring in the process. Of course alot of newbies will like the game because it is easy to get frags in counterstrike. My first time trying this mod out I got top frags all the time. The reaction time of the people and the gamplay itself is a joke. Unfortunetly both Action Quake 2 and Reaction Quake 3 mods have died out in the US but both were superior games. I wouldnt touch this game with a 10 foot pole.

But I guess if you like mediocre slow gameplay that takes no skill whatsoever or like standingin one place waiting for people to pass for cheap kills I guess this game is for you.

Reviewed by: dj6ross from WI on Jun 10, 2003

Experience: 6 Months

Strengths: very realistic game, fun, good team multiplayer game

Weaknesses: Hard to kill people because they have had this game for years and know how to play it

Summary: Lots of maps to choose from, good amount of weapons, lots and lots of servers/people playing this game. The patch can be downloaded off 3dgames.com or something like that. not that fun if you have dial up, which I don't.

Reviewed by: thefudgiesoldier from NY on Mar 31, 2003

Experience: 3+ Years

Strengths: Good camera view, spectatable, has realistic guns with realistic recoil, realistic HP, everything is realist!! and the fun of multiplayer makes this undisputably THE BEST ONLINE GAME EVER!!!

Weaknesses: New version 1.6 has yet to come out making the Old current graphics not up to date with todays expectations for such a great game.

Summary: (Edited March 31st by thefudgiesoldier) OMFG if u think this game is bad than u must not play any games this game hooked me from the beginning and since then nothing has even came close to compareing to this game i have 3 copies and my own dedicated server + there is over 16,000 servers worldwide!! THIS IS THE BEST if u have a high bandwidth connection and crave 1st person gaminf this is the ONE and ONLY game to get... I STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT TO USE THIS GAME WITH DIAL UP CONNECTION!!!

Reviewed by: Praxis from NC on Aug 26, 2002

Experience: 2 Years

Strengths: The game.

Weaknesses: None.

Summary: This is the best shooting game ever made. You get to know people you play with if you stay on the same server. The graphics and sound are typical for fps (first person shooter) games, but there is something more to this particular game. Adrenaline. The first couple months you play, you'll be embarrased as a noob. Later though, you get good and there's nothing like the rush you get from playing this game. It truly is one of the greatest of all time. People that play this game get hooked for years and although they play other games (warcraft, diablo, DOD), they come back because of friends made and sheer play-ability of CS. Simply put, if you are a gamer, you should not live your life without having played this game (or at least trying).

Reviewed by: shedow666 on Feb 2, 2004

Experience: 2+ Years

Strengths: This is game could last you for a very long time. This game is great fun on Lan game rooms. Get a bunch of firends and go to a internet cafe with a bunch of friends for hours of pure fun.

Weaknesses: The only problam with this game it that it attracks whinning new Bz that do nothing but whine about dieing or lagging. So basicly Its the poeple, the game brings in people that make it less fun.

Summary: This game would make great fun for you and your friends. If you have bad friends then the game wont be so great but if you have civilized people with you you get hours of fun. playing on the internet is the only problam. There are asz's that just cant play and are alwasy b!tching about
sh!t. Counter-strike has kept me busy for so long didint need any other game in your life. . .

Reviewed by: azn1991hui from NJ on Jun 20, 2004


Strengths: NA

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: my cousin has this game n its great. kinda old but still fun. im goin to order it today n u should to. realli good game... lol

Reviewed by: GhostRecon on Jun 12, 2003

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: There Are Very Little.....E x c e p t 4 S u m N i c e W e a p o n s . . . . .

Weaknesses: Gameplay and Games , Online , Hacker , No Single Player Campaign ,

Summary: This game disappoints me and didn't seem to impress me at all... It doesn't have Single Player(No Offine Gameplay) Except for The Training Session. The Online gets extremely boring and what makes this game the most unfun is that there are people who use hacks and cheat to get advantages... Its hard to tell if someone really has skill from playing too much or uses hacks... The maps are avwerage and nothing special compared to other games... There is no story or purpose of this game, just to kill enemies and rescue hostages... And it isn't really fun! I don't recommend this game! There are lots of mods and patches you have to install to get this working !

Reviewed by: Q3ACannibal from FL on Jan 17, 2003

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: None

Weaknesses: Everything

Summary: This game is very boring and hard to get into a game. I dont recommend. There are also a lot of people using Aimbots and Firebots on the game. Quake III owns all.

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