Handyman: What can X10 do for your business?

Today's homeowner expects their home to keep pace with new technology and support their active lifestyle. They are looking for new home solutions that provide more convenience, style, safety, security and energy savings. Fortunately for you, as a Professional Handyman, you are just the right person to provide these solutions.

As a professional handyman, your diverse skills and knowledge are the perfect fit when it comes to installing X10 products. You'll know just the right place to install a surveillance camera and be able to give your customers the professional finished look that they expect. For you, adding automated lighting control by swapping out old wall switches with new X10 switches is quick and easy.

Since your customers already expect you to provide a broad array of services, it will be easy to introduce them to X10 solutions that will improve their lifestyle and be easy on their pocketbook. For example, show them how Protector Plus can provide them with complete home security and peace of mind without the expensive monthly fees other companies charge. You'll have the system installed in under an hour and they'll think your a genius.

Once you have their attention, you'll be able to show them solutions for automated home lighting, home surveillance and unique entertainment options.

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