Hawking Features Hosted Video Management
IRVINE, CA ? July 28, 2004 ? Thanks to a global distribution agreement between Hawking Technologies, Inc., a leading developer and marketer of connectivity solutions, and IP Security Video firm D3Data, LLC, consumers who purchase any Hawking Network Camera(s) now have the option of free, one-click access to their own live security feeds through HostedVideo.com (http://www.hostedvideo.com), the new Hosted Video Management? (HVM) system from D3Data. 
Hawking Technologies offers a line of versatile, full-featured Network Cameras that have a broad array of applications, and can be used to monitor and secure various critical locations such as homes, offices, banks, schools, childcare centers, hospitals, and other industrial and public areas.? ?Now, Hosted Video Management TM adds a powerful and easy-to-use feature to our network cameras,? said Sidd Sinha, Product Manager at Hawking Technologies.? ?With Hosted Video Management TM, our network camera users have an extremely convenient way of viewing, recording, and utilizing other advanced features for an unlimited number of cameras from anywhere in the world.?
Under the agreement, consumers throughout the world who purchase Hawking Network Cameras will receive free HVM accounts at HostedVideo.com for live viewing, where they can monitor all of their network cameras from a single screen.? Consumers and businesses that already own Hawking Network Cameras can also sign up for free with HostedVideo.com to securely view their camera feeds over the Internet.? All users will have the option of upgrading to HostedVideo.com's recording, archival and third-party monitoring services.? Business users can also use the Hosted Video Management TM system for integration with facility management and building controls.
Much like D3Data's award-winning enterprise security video management solution, the HVM online system controls intelligent video processes.? A 128-bit encrypted two-way video connection provides secure access.? HostedVideo.com also includes handheld support for mobile users: the system has the capability to send e-mail notifications to single or multiple accounts when camera properties change, as in the case of an alarm or recording an event, thereby allowing users to receive real-time notification and perform visual verification from virtually anywhere.
?Hawking Cameras combined with HVM are a natural fit for the consumer and business channel,? says Christopher Hills, Managing Partner of D3Data LLC.? ?Hawking Technologies saw a tremendous opportunity here and joined us in a partnership that will bring an unparalleled service to market.? This technology is a natural evolution from time-lapse VCRs of yesterday, to the Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) of today, to off-site storage and Hosted Video Management? - the future that is here and now.?
Hawking Technologies, Inc. is a leading developer and marketer of connectivity solutions for home, workgroup, and corporate users around the world.? Backed by over 13 years of experience in the networking industry, Hawking is committed to providing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.?

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