Help with General IP
Hi I don't know enough about IP cams thats why I am here...

I want to know the following:

1. by using an IP Server like a 9100a I can fix more than one IP cam to it, can I use independant software to power it as there GUI sucks?

2. when using any IP camera, if I am at home is there a fully live streaming way you can view your cams via PC, or does it have to go via router/ISP and back ?

3. I have a Zoom X5 Router/Modem/Gateway the lot, am I right in thinking I don't actually need my PC on when I go away as the IP cam will be linked into that via LAN and as long as the router is on and has connection I wouldn't need my PC on????

4. This is a VERY cool site!


Response #1:
This is the first I've heard of this camera server: SecureNET 9100a and the only references I found on the web were to ebay store.

The camera server supports IE w/ ActiveX and Java so it will be supported w/ D3Data/Hosted Video which both have generic support for any IE based camera.

D3Data NETVM -
Hosted Video -

If you have the website w/ more information about the camera will be able to give you a more definite answer.

Response #2:
Need a little more information on this one.  Is your IP Camera and your PC on your Home network or are they seperated.  If not on the same network, for example the PC is across the Internet then the traffic has to go through your router which is the gateway to the Internet.
Check out - support page has information on setting up remote access via port mapping on your router.

Response #3:
Check - the Camera has a full functioning web server built into the camera so you can think of the camera as a small computer complete w/ IP address and web server.

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