Hidden Cam Remote PC/Internet Surveillance

Hidden Camera Accessories*Find out what's happening at home when you're not there! Watch your Tiny Hidden Cam from work!
  • Hidden Camera lets you view the children playing (from work!)
  • Hidden Cam lets you view the store or office (from home!)
  • Hidden Cam lets you view the kid's playroom (from work!)
  • Hidden Cam lets you view the dogs in the backyard (from work!)
  • Hidden Cam lets you see if the boss's car is in the lot (from home!)
  • Hidden Cam lets you view the kitchen, is dinner ready? (from work!)

Hidden Camera and Spy GearWith the amazing XRay Vision software (FREE Download) and USB Converter you can view live COLOR video from your XCam2 Hidden Cam on your PC. And you can use a "remote" PC, like your office PC, to check on your home via the Internet.  XRay Vision can e-mail fresh images to you (or update a website) at timely intervals (10 seconds - 2 hours) - so you don't need the software loaded on your office (remote) PC.  Unlike other web-enabled hidden cameras, you can monitor any room within 100ft of your computer! Other web-enabled hidden cameras require a cable connected to your PC so you can only monitor the room with the PC! Also, unlike other web-enabled hidden cameras, you do NOT need to have a webserver, all you need is an internet account! Normally sold for $70, add to the Hidden Cam Deal for only $59.99. More Information on XRay Vision, click here. 

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