Hidden Camera in an Air Purifier

Need a simple hidden camera?

The only hidden camera that cleans the air while is working overtime to catch the bad guy. The table top design and small footprint of this air cleaner makes it a favorite for home or office users. Hidden behind the face of this ordinary air cleaner is a high resolution Sony CCD camera that is used by network television and law enforcement nationwide. You can't go wrong with one of these. Voted the most popular hidden camera by our customers year after year, we have a hard time keeping these in stock.

One plug operation lets you take it out of the box, plug it in, and walk away. Crystal clear wireless video is transmitted up to 700 feet away with the standard model to a 2.4GHz, 4 channel receiver that you attach to your VCR for covert recording. Most people just use an inexpensive VCR placed in a closet or under a bed to record the hidden camera.

Installation is child's play

Even if you don't know how to set the clock on your VCR... Even if you can't put gas in your own car... Even if you put whiteout on your computer screen to erase a mistake...
It doesn't take a genius to operate our hidden cameras. If you ever have a question just give us a call. We're here to help.
Your system comes with the following:

  • Fully Functioning Air Cleaner - Replacement Filters Available
  • Internal 2.4GHz Video Transmitter - 4 Channel Capability
  • 700ft Line of Site Range - Standard Version
  • Professional Quality Hidden Camera
  • Black & White Camera - 420 Lines of resolution at .01 LUX
  • Color Camera - 380 Lines of resolution at 0.5 LUX (Optional)
  • 4 Year Limited Warranty
  • Upgrade to longer range or different frequencies if needed

Longer Transmitting Ranges Available

The 700ft. line of site we quote is a conservative estimate of this system's performance. Depending on interference in your area and the amount of walls and floors between the transmitter and receiver, you will receive better or worse performance. Should you need a higher power transmitter just let us know. We'll gladly take your camera back and charge you the difference for a higher power model.

Remote Viewing: You can watch your hidden camera remotely

Many customers wish to view their hidden camera from outside their home or office for obvious reasons. We offer two different options for remote viewing and we're happy to assist you with setup and installation. Cutting edge technology like this has been very cost prohibitive until now. We buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you.

You will need a broadband internet connection (Cable Modem, DSL, Satellite, T1) and a router to effectively use these devices.

DVR - Our digital video recorders are a huge step above your standard VHS cassette tape. Your hidden video is stored to an internal hard drive that you can access remotely through the internet. Multi camera systems are available to let you watch several cameras at once.

Video Server - Our low cost video server does not record your video but does allow you to log in and watch what's happening in real time for a fraction of the cost of a DVR.

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