Hidden Camera inside a working alarm clock
Here's a surefire way to discover who's got their hand in the "cookie jar". This stylish Sony Dream Machine alarm clock knows how to divulge a secret faster than your three year old. A carefully placed micro video camera hidden behind the face plate of this fully functioning alarm clock uses advanced wireless technology to transmit crystal clear, live video to a special receiver that you attach to your regular VCR for recording.

Within minutes you will have become your own private investigator, saving thousands of dollars all the while gathering hidden camera footage that can be used later in court, if it comes to that.

You know something is happening when you're gone, why not discover the truth before it's too late.

  • Hidden camera and 2.4GHz transmitter concealed inside a fully functioning Sony alarm clock
  • Range up to 700ft. Line of Site with choice of 4 transmitting channels
  • Black & White Camera - 420 Lines of Resolution at .01 LUX
  • Color Camera - 380 Lines of Resolution at 0.5 LUX
  • 4 Year Limited Warranty
  • Upgradeable to longer range or different frequencies should you experience interference

Installation is easy

Once you receive your hidden camera you will most likely want to get started right away. We've included everything you need to get your camera installed, up and running, and catching they bad guy or girl on video.

Pre-Install Checklist

To capture the video you can use an ordinary VCR or a time lapse recorder for extended recording. Most people just go down to their neighborhood electronics store and purchase a cheap VCR for this purpose. Keep in mind that commercially available T160 tapes can only record for up to 9 hours on your VCR's lowest speed setting. If you wish to leave it unattended for more than 9 hours you should consider investing in a time lapse VCR or Digital Video Recorder.

Prior to receiving your hidden camera you will need to find an appropriate place to put it. This wireless alarm clock will send video up to 700 feet away to the included receiver but walls and floors diminish the signal. An ideal place to hide your video receiver or VCR is in an adjacent room, in a closet, in a drawer, cabinet, or under a bed. Keep in mind that the closer you get the receiver to the hidden camera the better chance you will have of not picking up interference from cordless phones or wireless internet routers.

Watching the hidden camera remotely

A common question we get from customers concerns watching their video remotely. We now have the capability to provide you with the equipment and expertise to view your hidden camera from a remote location. Using digital video recorders (DVRs) you can record the hidden camera video to an internal hard drive as well as tap in through the internet to watch it in real time. Give us a call for more details on what's required.

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